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We are proud to announce that four Panasonic Industry products have been considered as candidates for this year’s Elektra Awards in the Category Passive & Electromechanical Product of the Year:

Our R35K Board-to-FPC connector, the M15A0MF power inductor, the ERA*P series high precision thin film chip resistor and the JX series as latest member of our succesful SP-cap family.

“Being shortlisted again this year at the Electra Awards means a lot to all of us”, says Maximilian Jakob. “It’s great appreciation for the work we are doing to take component technology to the next level. And of course a great moment to meet, celebrate and bring some joy to the business.”

This year's edition of the Elektra Awards will take place on November 30th at Grosvenor House Hotel in London. 

Elektra Awards 2022

Convincing performance, considerable space savings: Panasonic Industry’s new R35K Board-to-FPC connector

Connectors: Board to FPC R35K Panasonic Industry

Space-saving design and extremely tough when it comes to vibrations and other physical effects - to sum up, these would be the key requirements for components in modern wearables such as smartwatches, headphones, hearing aids and portable health care devices.

Wearables doubtlessly are a growth market, so those components combining high functionality and reliability with slim design aesthetics will be extremely valuable for space critical applications.

R35K Board-to-FPC connector | Panasonic Industry Europe GmbH

Ready for harsh automotive conditions: Panasonic Industry’s surface-mounted Power Choke Coil

Inductor: Automotive ETQP Panasonic Industry

Considering all this, Panasonic Industry now introduced its latest automotive power inductor: Being only half the size of a conventional ferrite type, this new SMD Power Choke Coil is ready for high currents under harsh automotive conditions. It can be operated under temperatures up to 160℃ including self heating - and even shows stable behaviour at several hours up to 180℃. Its low loss characteristics ensure a high ECU efficiency and contribute to simplify the overall thermal design process.

ETQPAMR33JFW | Panasonic Industry Europe GmbH

SMD thin film chip resistor ERA*P series – the choice for high voltage automotive applications

Panasonic ERA

With industry leading specifications of highest voltage applicable 1MΩ 500V/chip at 85°C full voltage derating and 155°C 1000 times heat cycle stability & 4kV ESD stability is achieved.

ERA*P reduces over 50% PCB area in comparison to conventional thin film chip resistors with 800V line or more.

Productfinder | Panasonic Industry Europe GmbH

New JX series extends SP-Cap Polymer capacitor line-up


Panasonic Industry has expanded the successful SP-Cap technology further with the new JX series – a high endurance and particularly heat tolerant series.

Coming with the typically low ESR, a large capacitance, a low profile, long life span and high characteristic stability, this latest member of the SP-Cap family stands out with an endurance of 3,000 hours at 125°C and thus promises an exceptional reliability. Its remarkable damp heat specifications – 1,000 hours at 85°C 85%RH – render it suitable for demanding outdoor applications.

Productfinder | Panasonic Industry Europe GmbH