Elektra_awards_shortlist- Panasonic Industry ERJH ZU

We are proud to announce that two Panasonic Industry products have been considered as candidates for this year’s Elektra Awards in the Category Passive & Electromechanical Product of the Year:

The AEC-Q200 certified high temperature chip resistor ERJH series and the new ZU series of Electrolytic Polymer Hybrid Capacitors with outstanding ripple current and temperature features.

Resisting heat – reimagined: ERJH thick film resistors

Panasonic Industry Elektra Awards 2021_ERJH  News

The new ERJH thick film resistors series uniquely qualifies for high power applications. The derating in these resistors starts from 105°C compared to 70°C in conventional resistors. This means, that the resistor unfolds its full power up to 105°C before the power starts to derate – reaching its minimum only at unrivalled 175°C. This is not only remarkable in terms of sheer heat tolerance but also clearly serves the trend for downsizing the circuit board: instead of resorting to larger resistors to counter the derating effects, the high-temp ERJH series is proven to guarantee 100% power at up to 105°C while saving precious PCB space. The series is available as standard, high precision, low resistance, and anti-surge variants, covering a wide resistance value range from 1Ω  to 300KΩ. As a relevant automotive component, it comes RoHS, REACH and AEC-Q200 certified.

More power and less dissipation for demanding applications: ZU Polymer Hybrid Capacitors

Panasonic Industry Elektra Awards 2021_ZU

The latest Panasonic Industry Polymer Hybrid Capacitor ZU series is an interesting evolution of the current popular ZS series. Minimizing power dissipation has been in the focus of efforts for this latest types: The ZU series is able to withstand ripple currents up to 53% better than its predecessor: For a diameter of 10 x 12.5mm with 25V.DC 5 Arms could be achieved,  for the 10 x 16.5mm equivalent 5.8 Arms. Next to the improved current leakage, ZU series stands out with a 4,000 hours temperature endurance at 135/125℃ - and thus one of the highest tolerance currently available in the industry. The ZU series is available in 25~63VDC at 100~560µF and suits wherever high temperature tolerance and capacitance is the criterion of choice. That would be - first and foremost – many automotive 48V applications such as Integrated Starter Generators(ISG), DC/DC, oil pumps, water pumps or fan motors. The latest capacitor innovation is AEC-Q200 compliant and available in a vibration-proof version for harsh environments.


Desired award for joint efforts

Being nominated with two latest-generation passive components at the industry's biggest night is "a wonderful recognition of our efforts to contribute with real innovations to the technological challenges of the young 21st century," summarizes Maximilian Jakob, General Manager Sales at Panasonic Industry's Distribution Department. 
"Now, of course, we are looking forward to an exciting award ceremony on 1 December 2021 in London - and, admittedly, would like to take that trophy home to dedicate it to all our colleagues who are giving everything every day to make good technologies still a wee bit better."

The 2021 Elektra Awards will take place on 1 December 2021 at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London - and also online for those unable to attend in-person.