Panasonic Industry introduces new V-FH long life type of its SMT Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor range

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Munich, February 2021 

Good performance features are only worth something if they last. Only then can there be any talk of reliability. So, the durability and life-cycle of an electronical component is vital for the reliability of an entire application – let it be a simple smart home device or an industrial application’s power supply.

Introducing the new V-FH long life type capacitor of its SMT Aluminum Electrolytic series, Panasonic focused on the evolution of durability:

  • The series comes with proven 10000 hours at 105°C  (φ6×8:7000h 50V:7000h) and is currently available in 6.3~50VDC, 10~680µF.

Thus, it qualifies for employment in long-lasting applications – from smart lighting products, IT equipment and infotainment systems up to heavy industry contexts where a persistent perfor-mance is a prerequisite.

Next to a particularly low ESR and a high temperature reflow, the developers at Panasonic Industry had also environmental criteria in mind: The new series is RoHS compliant and available as a Halogen-free version.

The new V-FH caps are certainly on the shortlist for anyone serious about the longevity of their product designs.

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