FLYER UPROC X Panasonic Industry GX Ultimate

Swiss e-bike pioneers FLYER stand out again at the renowned Design & Innovation Award 2022 – this time with their Uproc X, powerfully driven by Panasonic’s GX Ultimate motor.

"With the Uproc X, FLYER has discovered the new formula for a contemporary climbing machine: Thanks to its sophisticated geometry, the Uproc X positions the rider perfectly for steep climbs. Without detours, the powerful Panasonic GX Ultimate motor delivers opulent power to propel the FLYER unstoppably up any mountain [...]", summarized the jury of experts enthusiastically at this year’s Design & Innovation Award.

Accordingly, joy has been boundless in the Swiss manufacturer’s facilities: It’s already the second time, FLYER has been able to take this trophy home - this time with its new e-MTB Uproc X which will be available for orders as from summer 2022.

“We are truly delighted and send our warmest congrats to FLYER for bringing that breathtaking bike on the trails soon”, says Andreas Böxler from Panasonic Industry. “And, admittedly, we also consider this as a little triumph for our Panasonic Cycle Technology motor units.”

Ready for the most demanding riding conditions, FLYER’s Uproc X relies on Panasonic’s “flagship of force”  - the GX Ultimate unit - that provides constant and strong power delivery, even at a low cadence.

Learn more on FLYER’s Uproc X, the specs of Panasonic’s GX Ultimate motor unit and the Design & Innovation Award’s official release



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