Alkaline batteries from Panasonic

Hamburg,24thMay2017:Alkaline batteries of the Powerline series are specially designed for the industrial market. They are produced in Europe, fulfil the most stringent quality standards and are always in demand among original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and distributors due to their low self-discharge, high reliability and long life. Since the company is continuously striving to improve its products and services, the batteries are now also available in packs of 10.

“Our alkali-manganese Powerline series is specially designed for the requirements of industrial customers,” explains Oliver Sonnemann, Sales & Marketing Director at Panasonic. “That is why we now also offer our alkaline batteries in practical packs of 10.” The new package size is especially practical for distributors, since it allows more exact calculations; it also facilitates the packaging of smaller order quantities. The 10-battery packs are delivered in a sturdy cardboard box, which effectively prevents damage to the contacts or accidental discharge of the batteries.

The industrial batteries of the Powerline series ensure a constant and reliable energy supply in high and medium drain applications. Typical applications include cameras, flash and audio devices, remote controls, battery-operated toys, and digital scales. The high reliability of alkaline batteries also makes them ideal for use in buoys and safety-related applications such as blood pressure gauges or smoke detectors.

The Powerline series comprises the five types 6LR61, LR20, LR14, LR6 and LR03. The time-proven products, which are available exclusively for industrial customers, feature a long life and the reliable supply of power even at low temperatures. They are produced at the Panasonic factory in Belgium, which like all of the company’s production facilities is certified to quality standard ISO 9001 as well as environmental standard ISO 14001.

Alkali-manganese batteries from Panasonic contain manganese dioxide, zinc and the electrolyte caustic alkali. They contain no harmful substances such as lead, mercury or cadmium. The batteries are based on a technology that is constantly undergoing new development; combined with Panasonic’s many years of production experience, the end customer therefore benefits from excellent quality, reliability and low self-discharge.