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As an Industry-leading innovator, manufacturer and supplier of semiconductors Panasonic strives to continue to contribute to social change with our advanced smart sensing and power solutions.
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Panasonic semiconductor business transferred to Nuvoton

Panasonic semiconductor business will be transferred to Nuvoton from September 1st, 2020.
Panasonic continues to sell semiconductor products based on Nuvoton’s sales consignment.
Please note that semiconductor products shown on this webpage will be owned by Nuvoton from September 1st, 2020 and customer Information, used to reply to inquiries, will belong to Nuvoton as well.

Our top products

semiconductor-solutions 2D-3D-Image-sensor
Image sensors

2D & 3D image sensors

These devices use Panasonic's in-house technologies to achieve high sensitivity and low noise, resulting in high system performance and flexibility.
semiconductor-solutions BMS-IC
Battery monitoring IC

Battery monitoring ICs for industrial and automotive applications

Scalable (up to 1260 cells in series) BMS ICs for high safety requirements (including ASIL-D).
semiconductor-solutions mosfet

Thin wafer trench MOSFETs in innovative chip-scale packages

Ultra-small (down to 0.6mm x 0.6mm x 0.1mm) CSP MOSFETs with high reliability (very low PPB failure rates).

Other available product lines

High reliability red, infra-red and dual wavelength laser diodes

Red (661nm, 100mW CW) and IR (783nm, 200mW CW) laser diodes with a long lifetime (MTTF data available).

Add cloud connectivity to your products with Panasonic's NFC tags

Types 3 and 4 NFC tags feature built-in FeRAM memory, guaranteeing an endurance of 100 million write cycles.

Driver ICs for DC motors, stepping motors and camera lenses

High precision motor drivers benefit from Panasonic's Real-time Auto Phase Correction technology.

600V enhancement mode GaN gate injection transistors

(EOL Sept. 1st, 2020) Easy-to-implement, reliable devices offer high performance GaN switching for high efficiency and high power density.