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Are you looking for high quality batteries? Are you looking for a tailor-made battery pack? Or are you looking for a sophisticated energy solution system? We are looking forward to meet your needs!

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Panasonic offers manifold solutions to power your application. From single cells to assembled battery packs and unique energy storage systems. Please have a look at our portfolio and get in contact with us for a comprehensive technical and commercial support in the world of batteries.

Our top product lines

Battery cells

Battery cells

Find the right battery for your portable or stationary device. Panasonic is able to power your business in virtually all applications.
Battery packs & modules

Battery packs & modules

We offer a long experience and high expertise in design and manufacturing of customized and ready-to-use battery packs. * no contractual picture
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Battery energy storage systems

Energy storage system

Drawing on several decades of expertise we are continually aiming to supply excellent and reliable Storage Battery System Components to OEM customers

Download the right battery media files - the new Mediapool


Panasonic Industry has now a new Mediapool - a practical tool for everyone who is interested in media related to technical products. A great aid for Marketing, Public Relations, Development and Sales. Find the right media files here!

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Designed for engineers, electronics´ specialists and developers who need batteries for their projects, the Battery Finder provides an overview of what is available in the Panasonic range of industrial batteries, and gives a recommendation on the type of battery that is best suited to the users application. It also offers a wealth of information, graphics and videos on battery technology. Find the right battery here ! Or watch  our introduction video!