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Primary batteries - easy energy without charging

These days primary battery technologies are becoming more and more important. Panasonic batteries have a proven reliability.

Primary batteries for unlimited applications

Our primary, non-rechargeable, batteries are able to energize unlimited applications in our modern world and makes life a bit easier. These reliable batteries can power applications such as meters, smoke detectors, saftey devices, medical devices, automotive, sanitary equipment and many more.

Battery news & media

Find our Lithium batteries line-up here

Lithium batteries handbook

Our Lithium handbook gives you an excellent overview of the battery features, technical specifications, applications, transport regulations etc.
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Find our batteries for metering applications

Lithium batteries metering leaflet

Our leaflet gives you an excellent overview of Lithium batteries to power applications such as heat cost allocators, electricity, gas and water meters
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Short-Form-Catalog for batteries

Our Short-Form-Catalog gives you an excellent overview of our industrial batteries line-up incl. features, applications, specifications etc.
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Alkaline batteries video

Alkaline CT scan video - find the right battery video

This video shows a CT Scan of our LR6 Alkaline battery and gives an excellent insight of the used battery materials and construction (e.g. nail).
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Find our Alkaline batteries line-up here

Alkaline batteries handbook

Our Alkaline handbook gives you an excellent overview of the battery construction, technical specifications, production process, shelf-life etc.
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Find the right technical Lithium information

Lithium whitepaper - battery characteristics

Our whitepapers give developers and technical professionals the opportunity to leverage the expertise of our specialists for their own projects.

Our top products

Lithium batteries

State-of-the-art Lithium batteries

Due to their proven reliability, lithium battery technologies are becoming more and more important, enabling demanding applications to be powered.
Dry batteries

Reliable Dry batteries

These Panasonic batteries deliver high performance for standard and demanding applications.
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New Panasonic Mediapool: a media library, just as users expect it.


Extended content, additional functionalities - and as intuitive as never before: Panasonic Industry launches its new online library Mediapool – still for free and without registration. For everyone being interested, buying, distributing or prototyping with products from one of the world’s leading technology companies, Panasonic Industry’s online library Mediapool has become a reliable address during the last years.

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Find the right battery video at our YouTube channel


Please find a comprehensive selection of Panasonic battery videos at our YouTube channel. You can discover videos about the inner structure of our different battery chemistries, a couple of application videos and films which explain why batteries sometimes help to save human lives and sharks’ lives as well. Are you getting curious? Please follow us into the batteries video world!

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Designed for engineers, electronics´ specialists and developers who need batteries for their projects, the Battery Finder provides an overview of what is available in the Panasonic range of industrial batteries, and gives a recommendation on the type of battery that is best suited to the users application. It also offers a wealth of information, graphics and videos on battery technology. Find the right battery here ! Or watch  our introduction video!

Battery News

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Do you want to get the latest information about the world of Panasonic batteries? Find the corresponding news on products, services and campagins here
Corporate information

New Panasonic Industry Mediapool: a media library, just as users expect it

Extended content, additional functionalities - and as intuitive as never before: Panasonic Industry launches its new online library Mediapool – still for free and without registration.
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White Paper - Lithium primary battery characteristics comparison

Our whitepaper gives an overview about requirements and characteristics of current Lithium technologies.
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New Battery Finder - Smart tool for searching batteries

The Battery Finder is designed for developers and engineers seeking the right batteries during the design-in-process of their projects