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Panasonic provides various capacitor technologies including hybrid, electrolytic, polymer and plastic film.
We constantly develop our product range to contribute to the optimization of your product.
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Conductive Polymer Hybrid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Hybrid capacitors

These devices combine the low ESR characteristics of specialty polymer capacitors and the low leakage current of aluminium electrolytic capacitors.
capacitor polymer

Polymer capacitors

Panasonic is a leading manufacturer of specialty polymer aluminum capacitors: SP-Caps; OS-CON and POSCAP.
Capacitors film

Film capacitors for a wide variety of applications

Low ESR, high reliability and long life solutions for industrial, automotive, infrastructure and home appliance applications.
capacitor lytic

Aluminium electrolytic capacitors

Panasonic manufactures aluminium electrolytic capacitors in both surface mount and radial lead types.
capacitor edlc

Electric double layer capacitors (Gold capacitors) (EOL Oct. 1st, 2020

Large capacitance; small size; superior charge and discharge performance. (EOL Oct. 1st, 2020)

Whitepaper on capacitor technologies

Name File type Size Date Language
PDF Evolving Capacitor Technology with outstanding ESR Whitepaper 2MB 24.07.2020 English
PDF Understanding Polymer and Hybrid Capacitors Whitepaper 4MB 17.11.2020 English
PDF Polymer Capacitors vs. MLCCs Whitepaper 405KB 17.11.2020 English
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Capacitor News

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capacitor polymer SP-CAP KX
New product introductions

Proven technology, phenomenal increase in lifetime - and ready for the heat

5,500 hours at 125°C: Panasonic Industry enters new era by extending SP-Cap Polymer Capacitor line-up with temperature resistant KX series
Application Insights

Polymer Capacitors – a superior alternative for MLCCs in every regard?

It's not only because of the industry-wide MLCC shortage: Panasonic’s range of Polymer caps stands out with excellent characteristics that are clearly outperforming conventional MLCCs
Panasonic Industry SP CAP JX Series
New product introductions

New SP-Cap JX series: Next-level heat resistance and lifetime

Panasonic Industry extends SP-Cap Polymer Capacitor line-up with temperature resistant JX series
capacitors hybrid ZU ZSU
New product introductions

More capacitance, less dissipation

New ZU and ZSU series of Electrolytic Polymer Hybrid Capacitors – a remarkable evolution of the previous ZS series.
capacitors lytic smd smt FH HF D8
New product introductions

Capacitance that lasts

New V-FH long life type of SMT Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor range coming with excellent temperature characteristics.
CAPACITORS SP-Cap Polymer Capacitors SMD Duo teaser
Corporate information

Polymer capacitors and graphic cards – Panasonic disproves rumours

Panasonic Industry disproves rumors regarding the alleged harmfulness of Polymer capacitor technology for CPU and GPU boards
capacitors polymer os-con svt news teaser
New product introductions

The SVT series capacitors stand for robustness and reliability

With low ESR and excellent noise reduction capability the SVT series capacitors are ideal for industrial applications.
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Supporto per la progettazione di condensatori

simulation data libraries icon teaser

Simulation data libraries

I modelli di circuiti equivalenti e i dati dei parametri S possono essere scaricati per ogni singolo elemento.
Characteristic viewer icon teaser

Characteristic viewer

Questo strumento presenta le varie caratteristiche di una parte selezionata utilizzando un grafico della frequenza di esercizio, della temperatura, ecc.
CAD data icon teaser

CAD data

I dati CAD possono essere scaricati.
Capacitor Selection Tool icon teaser

Capacitor selection tool

Download the tool here, which displays the characteristics, like ESR, ripple current, capacitance, needed for a capacitor and an automated selection.
LC PAI filter simulator icon teaser

LC simulator

Simula i requisiti di attenuazione al momento di configurare un filtro LC utilizzando un induttore di potenza e condensatori elettrolitici in alluminio.
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Cross reference search by part number

Searching part numbers to find alternatives from Panasonic Industry