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As an Industry-leading innovator, manufacturer and supplier of semiconductors Panasonic strives to continue to contribute to social change with our advanced smart sensing and power solutions.
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L'attività di semiconduttori di Panasonic è stata trasferita a Nuvoton

A partire dal 1 settembre 2020, l'attività di semiconduttori di Panasonic è stata trasferita a Nuvoton.
Panasonic continuerà a vendere semiconduttori sulla base delle consegne di Nuvoton.
I semiconduttori mostrati su questo sito web saranno di proprietà Nuvoton a partire dal 1 settembre 2020, mentre le informazioni per i clienti, utilizzate per rispondere alle richieste, saranno pure di proprietà di Nuvoton.

Our top products

semiconductor-solutions 2D-3D-Image-sensor
Image sensors

2D & 3D image sensors

These devices use Panasonic's in-house technologies to achieve high sensitivity and low noise, resulting in high system performance and flexibility.
semiconductor-solutions BMS-IC
Battery monitoring IC

Battery monitoring ICs for industrial and automotive applications

Scalable (up to 1260 cells in series) BMS ICs for high safety requirements (including ASIL-D).
semiconductor-solutions mosfet

Thin wafer trench MOSFETs in innovative chip-scale packages

Ultra-small (down to 0.6mm x 0.6mm x 0.1mm) CSP MOSFETs with high reliability (very low PPB failure rates).

Other available product lines

High reliability red, infra-red and dual wavelength laser diodes

Red (661nm, 100mW CW) and IR (783nm, 200mW CW) laser diodes with a long lifetime (MTTF data available).

Add cloud connectivity to your products with Panasonic's NFC tags

Types 3 and 4 NFC tags feature built-in FeRAM memory, guaranteeing an endurance of 100 million write cycles.

Driver ICs for DC motors, stepping motors and camera lenses

High precision motor drivers benefit from Panasonic's Real-time Auto Phase Correction technology.

600V enhancement mode GaN gate injection transistors

(EOL Sept. 1st, 2020) Easy-to-implement, reliable devices offer high performance GaN switching for high efficiency and high power density.