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Polymer capacitors

Panasonic is a leading manufacturer of specialty polymer aluminum capacitors, such as SP-Caps, OS-CON and POS-CAP devices, as well as polymer hybrid aluminium electrolytic capacitor technologies.
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  • Low ESR is realized by using conductive polymer.
  • Ideal for noise reduction across a wide frequency domain thanks to the large capacitance and low ESR offered.
  • The temperature characteristics of conductive polymer are very stable for ESR and capacitance.

Our conductive polymer capacitors range

capacitor polymer sp-cap
Polymer Aluminum Capacitors


SP-Cap is a rectangular chip-shaped aluminum electrolytic capacitor that uses a polymer as its electrolyte.
capacitor polymer poscap
Polymer Tantalum Capacitors


These devices offer a stable capacitance at high frequencies and high temperatures with low ESR/ESL.
capacitor polymer oscon
Polymer Aluminum Capacitors


OS-CON is a solid aluminum capacitor with a highly conductive polymer.
capacitors polymer electrolytic capacitor selection tool
Design tools

Polymer and electrolytic capacitor selection tool

Helping you easily finding the right polymer and electrolytic capacitor part number(s) for your design even when you are off-line.

In addition to our product finder on our website, we have created a selection tool in Microsoft® Excel for you.

Please feel free to download it by a simple click.

Get the selection tool here!

Download our promotion documents

Name File type Size Date Language
PDF SP-Cap Catalog Catalog 4MB 12.04.2022 English
PDF POSCAP Catalog Catalog 2MB 30.06.2022 English
PDF OS-CON Catalog Catalog 8MB 12.04.2022 English
PDF Polymer Capacitor Flyer Flyer 1MB 17.11.2020 English
PDF OS-CON Flyer Flyer 2MB 29.07.2022 English
PDF SOS – MLCC to Panasonic Polymer Series Flyer Flyer 440KB 17.11.2020 English
PDF SP-Cap Polymer Capacitor GY Series Flyer, Leaflet 761KB 17.11.2020 English
PDF Understanding Polymer and Hybrid Capacitors Whitepaper 4MB 17.11.2020 English
PDF Polymer Capacitors vs. MLCCs Whitepaper 405KB 17.11.2020 English
PDF EV Charging Solutions from Panasonic Industry Catalog, Brochure 2MB 07.03.2022 English
PDF Building Automation - Energy Management Solutions Catalog, Brochure 1MB 01.03.2022 English
PDF OS-CON: An ideal replacement for Aluminum Electrolytic capacitors Flyer 656KB 07.06.2022 English

Supporto per la progettazione di condensatori

simulation data libraries icon teaser

Simulation data libraries

I modelli di circuiti equivalenti e i dati dei parametri S possono essere scaricati per ogni singolo elemento.
Characteristic viewer icon teaser

Characteristic viewer

Questo strumento presenta le varie caratteristiche di una parte selezionata utilizzando un grafico della frequenza di esercizio, della temperatura, ecc.
CAD data icon teaser

CAD data

I dati CAD possono essere scaricati.
Capacitor Selection Tool icon teaser

Capacitor selection tool

Download the tool here, which displays the characteristics, like ESR, ripple current, capacitance, needed for a capacitor and an automated selection.
LC PAI filter simulator icon teaser

LC simulator

Simula i requisiti di attenuazione al momento di configurare un filtro LC utilizzando un induttore di potenza e condensatori elettrolitici in alluminio.
Cross reference (by part number) Icon

Cross reference search by part number

Searching part numbers to find alternatives from Panasonic Industry

Capacitors On-Demand online seminars

capacitors polymer new passive technologies for 5G applications online seminar teaser

New Passive Technologies for 5G Applications

Learn about the changes to be implemented to move from 4G to 5G, the requirements for passive components for 5G. And about the advantages of Polymer over MLCCs where they are completely replaced with.
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