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People detection and counting with the Grid-EYE module

Detection and monitoring of people without violations of privacy is the need of contemporary work spaces. Using the Grid-EYE Sensor, our customers can quickly build their own applications.
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People detection demo using the Grid-EYE sensor

Panasonic goes the next step in people counting and detection offering a low cost black-box sensor module featuring the Grid-EYE Sensor with a 90deg field of view lens.

The sensor modules outputs the number of people, its position and moving direction next to the overall temperature grid.

This will reduce the needed development efforts and make the sensor module an ideal choice for several applications where human detection is required.

Application areas

icon Smart Building Management
Smart building management
  • Building automation​
  • Meeting rooms​
  • Hot desking​
  • Floor management​
icon Privacy Sensitive Environments
Privacy sensitive environments
  • Dressing rooms ​
  • Washrooms​
  • Patient monitoring​

The people detection demo kit

sensors Grid-EYE people detection pixels

We are proud to introduce the first demo kits featuring the 90deg lense and a ready to use people detection Software. The sensor module is protected in a plastic housing transmitting the sensor output via USB to a computer which runs the newest Panasonic People Detection Software.

This Software also offers a TCP Server to directly make the people detection data available to other applications.

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sensor grid-eye demo
If you are interested in the People Detection Grid-EYE module, please request more information and one of the first kits, submitting your project information here.
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sensors Grid-Eye whitepaper


Download our Whitepaper and gain detailed insights into how the Grid-EYE is applied in people detection and tracking.