On the 7th of July, Panasonic Factory solutions will be participating in the EPP InnovationsFORUM at Filderhalle Leinfelden. Mr. Andreas Prusak, Senior Product Manager, PFSE, will deliver a lecture on “Challenges and solutions in SMD production for 5G applications”. At the same time, we will be showcasing the latest from our roster of products and solutions for SMT and beyond.

The EPP InnovationsFORUM is one of the most important events that leading companies like Panasonic look forward to every year. It is a perfect get-together for companies and partners involved in electronics production to come together and share information and expertise.

  • A lecture on “ Challenges and solutions in SMD production for 5G applications” (Herausforderungen und Lösungen in der SMT Fertigung für 5G Applikationen) by Mr. Andreas Prusak, Senior Product Manager
  • Free participation in the online streaming of the lectures

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Filderhalle Leinfelden, 70771 Leinfelden

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