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Manufacturing operations optimizer (MFO)

Panasonic’s manufacturing operations optimizer automatically draws up production plans to reduce man-hours and enhancing production efficiency.

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Panasonic manufacturing operations optimizer (MFO) is the line management system to create detailed production schedules including pre-set-up operations.

Those production plans are mandatory to optimize manufacturing processes and thus improves cycle times and production efficiency. It also calculates the number of operators required by simulating the entire SMT manufacturing operation.

Image of the system

MFO provides clear and easy to understand plans for production, process set-up and operator management plus simulation reports.

Beside this, it provides various optimization function, like mounting process, production plan, production-set-up plan and operator count, including a table of function list and machines.

Function list


Function description

Mounting process simulation

In consideration of “error occurrence in production machines," “parts exchange by operators" and “operatorsʼ travel time," it models a mounting floor, and simulates production conditions including multiple mounting lines and off-line setup processes. This ensures highly accurate simulation results.

[Optimization function] Production plan optimization

In consideration of multiple production lines, it optimizes a production plan based on the production conditions set up in [mounting process simulation]. This allows the “production line" and “production order" of each PCB to be calculated / provided automatically.

[Optimization function] Setup plan optimization

It optimizes “off-line setup" sequence according to the production plan developed in [production plan optimization]. This allows automatic calculation / provision of “priorities for setups in multiple lines," “a setup plan that takes into account the shred use of carts" and “effects of an increase / decrease in the setup number of operators on the production plan."

*The optimization function of “In-line setup" is currently under development.

[Optimization function] number of operators optimization

Based on the production conditions set up in [Mounting process simulation], it optimizes the number of operators required for each line and setup, allowing you to automatically calculate / provide “the number of the operators required."

Applicable machine

Machine series


Machine info entry

NPM-X/NPM/AM series



CM/DT series

CM602-L, CM232-M/212-M, CM101-D, CM402-L/M, CM401-L/M, DT401-F/M


Screen printer

SP60/70/80/18, SPG/SPD/SPV


NPM-VF series



Panasonicʼs former machine

Machines not included in the ones mentioned above


Competitorʼs machine

Competitorsʼ machines (loader, screen printer, SPI, placement machine, AOI, reflow, etc.)


* Because machine information is registered during installation, you will be able to easily configure settings such as registration of the floor configuration of your mounting production lines.
* For details, contact us.
* The current version is limited to the mounting process.
* Prepare PC on your own.


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