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iLNB: line management system

iLNB, for line management, provides complete control over the entire production line, including non-Panasonic equipment, for higher productivity.

Line management is crucial for achieving high productivity. However, since production lines in the electronics industry often consist of machines from different suppliers, data exchange and communication between the systems often become a challenge.

To master this, Panasonic developed the line manager iLNB, which helps to control the entire line, including third-party machines.


iLNB provides total control of the production line by interfacing between Panasonic and non-Panasonic machines, acting as one-stop channel.

With the iLNB Users can manage automatic product changeovers and have an E-Link which provides an interface for information in- and output, for machine control, management of component per feeder and a communication to GEM/PLC.

Automatic changeover

  • Registration of automatic changeover recipe
  • Line automatic changeover
  • Automatic changeover monitoring
  • Line operation monitoring

E-Link interface for Information input

  • Download / edit of schedule

E-Link interface for Information output

  • Operational information output
  • Trace information output
  • Machine status output

E-Link interface for machine control

  • Machine interlock; production start control

E-Link interface for feeder write

  • Writing of component data by an external system

Communications to GEM/PLC

  • SECS2/GEM communication
  • OPC communication
  • IO/RS-232C communication


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