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Smart factory software solutions

For all required workflows in state-of-the-art electronics assembly environment Panasonic offers a customizable and comprehensive software package for efficient manufacturing.


Manufacturing operations optimizer (MFO)

Panasonic’s manufacturing operations optimizer automatically draws up production plans to reduce man-hours and enhancing production efficiency.

Panasonic PanaCIM® Enterprise Edition software suite

Panasonic line management system PanaCIM-EE connects SMT areas and syncs them with management systems to increase profitability and efficiency.

Panasonic PanaCIM® Enterprise Edition Gen2 software suite

PanaCIM-EE Gen2 is the next generation of smart factory MES solution and connects digital and physical work, reporting and management areas.


iLNB, for line management, provides complete control over the entire production line, including non-Panasonic equipment, for higher productivity.


The NPM-DGS data creation system is the integral solution for creating, editing and simulating production and library data for high productivity.