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PTH/THT Multifunctional solutions

Panasonic provides extremely reliable electronics assembly equipment for inline and backend PHT/THT (Pin Through Hole / Through Hole Technology) processes.

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Our top product lines

smart-factory-solutions pth tht NPM-VF

Pin Through Hole


The NPM-VF is a pick and place machine that places both SMD and THT components as standard or odd-form components in one placement order.
smart-factory-solutions pth tht RL132

Pin Through Hole


The RL132 high-speed radial THT-insertion machine, with a cycle time of 0.14 s/component, offers outstanding technology in an efficient footprint.

Other available product lines

smart-factory-solutions pth tht AV132

Pin Through Hole


The small and efficient AV132 has a performance of 30,000 cph. Due to the stand-out features the AV132 is a high-speed axial THT-insertion machine.
smart-factory-solutions pth tht RG131-S

Pin Through Hole


This radial THT-insertion machines RG131 increases and improves productivity, provides expanded board sizes and increasing component input.