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FATP production line

The FATP-solution is using robots, automatization and production control to realize a high-quality, fully automated low-cost production system.

The Final Assembly Test Packaging (FATP) philosophy provides a total solution-based on Panasonic worldwide production experiences. In cooperation with the customer and external system integrators, Panasonic develops a concept for highly efficient, cost-saving final assembly lines.

Integrated into a MES-environment Panasonic electronic manufacturing solutions, PLR or double-arm robots and potential external solutions are combined for various applications like in the consumer electronics, automotive or automation industry.

Based on the process management method and the cooperation with excellent system integrators, Panasonic is able to design assembly lines, which ensure the process and product quality on the highest level.

All process steps are fully monitored and visualized. Machines and robots out of the internal and external portfolios are put together individually, configurated according to the customer needs.