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Smart Factory Solutions

Panasonic Industry provides turnkey solutions for your manufacturing challenges from our portfolio of best-in-class hardware and software products.

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Our top product lines

smart-factory-solutions smt NPM-WX,WXS

Smart Factory Solutions

SMT placement solutions

Smart factory placement solutions for the SMT sector.
factory_automation microelectronics

Smart factory solutions

Microelectronics solutions

Systems for plasma dicing and dry etching of wafers; plasma cleaning of wafers and substrates; and high quality ultrasonic flip-chip bonding
smart-factory-solutions pth tht NPM-VF

Smart Factory Solutions

PTH/THT Multifunctional solutions

Smart factory PHT/THT backend solutions for the SMT sector

Other available product lines

smart-factory-solutions screen-printer SPG2

Smart Factory Solutions

SMT printing solutions

Smart factory printing solutions for the SMT sector.
smart-factory-solutions ua3p 3100

Smart Factory Solutions

Ultrahigh accurate 3-D profilometer (UA3P)

Designed to measure aspherical lenses & molds, semiconductor wafers, and any other precision component requiring nanometer level accuracy.
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Smart Factory Solutions

FATP production line

The FATP-solution is using robots, automatization and production control to realize a high-quality, fully automated low-cost production system.

Software, Service & Training

Smart factory software solutions

Panasonic offers a customizable and comprehensive software package for efficient manufacturing.

Service & trainings for Smart Factory Solutions

Training Courses: Panasonic Factory Solutions Modular Curriculum