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MINAS A6 Multi servo driver

A dual axis, true modular 400V servo drive with an ultra-thin book size design.

The book size design of the MINAS A6 Multi saves a huge amount of space in the electrical cabinet

The MINAS A6 Multi features a dual axis layout and a width of only 50 millimeters per unit. Compared to current systems the new book size servo drive reduces the occupied footprint in the electrical cabinet by up to 64 percent. The front mounted D link bus system for an easy and time-saving installation can be set up without any tools. The servo drivers cover a range from 0.75kW up to 5kW. The MINAS A6 Multi is equipped with 18 safety functions.

400V servo drive system

  • Compact servo drive in book format: only 25mm width per axis on the two-axis-unit
  • Modular design: one power supply unit supports several servo drivers
  • DC link bus system: reliable connection without tools
  • Quick servo control technology: A frequency response of 3.2kHz enables high-speed operation for maximum productivity
  • Anti-vibration technology: Suitable for highly precise applications thanks to vibration damping.
  • State-of-the-art network technology: High-speed communication via EtherCAT with up to 100Mbit/s
  • 18 advanced safety functions: MINAS A6 Multi achieves safety class SIL3
  • Setup via EtherCAT: Easy configuration and programming over EtherCAT (EoE) using the software tool PANATERM
  • Robust connectors: Servo motors with rotatable screw connectors according to IEC, CENELEC, and IEEE


  • Packaging industry
  • Plastics and metal processing
  • Presses
  • Pharmaceutical industry

Quick-connect technology

MINAS A6 Multi Quick-connect technology

The MINAS A6 Multi can be wired at the top and bottom. No tools are needed.

Modular construction

MINAS A6 Multi Modular construction

Several two-axis servo drivers (50mm) can be coupled to just one compact power supply unit (50mm or 100mm width). Thanks to the DC link bus, the expansion is fast and reliable.

Power supply units

Product no. Size Input voltage Rated power
MADMPN14 A 3-phase 380–480V AC 15kW
MBDMPN24 B 3-phase 380–480V AC 30kW

Servo driver units

Product no. Size Number of axes Rated power
MADM2A4KBX A 2 For motors 0.4–0.75kW*
MADM2A6KBX A 2 For motors 0.75–1.5kW*
MADM2AAKBX A 2 For motors 1.5–3.0kW*
MBDM1ABKBX B 1 For motors 3.0–5.0kW

* also combinable