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MINAS A6 servo drives

Highly dynamic servo drives with state-of-the-art technology.


The Panasonic servo motors and servo drivers of the MINAS A6 family represent an ideal starting point for modern machine concepts: The servo motors are not only characterized by their extremely compact dimensions, but also by their high-resolution 23-bit encoder. With its 8 388 608 pulses per revolution, the encoder forms the basis for precise and therefore safe positioning and control of the motor.

Large power range (50W to 5kW) combined with a light-weight and compact design. Innovative functions to suppress resonance frequencies and vibrations. Multiple control features such as pulse, analog, and network technology in real-time communication (100Mbit/s).

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MINAS A6SF servo driver (multifunction type)

The multifunction type.

MINAS A6V servo drives (24/48V DC)

Battery-driven DC drives are very common in drive technology for applications where there is no AC or three-phase current network available.