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MINAS A5 servo drives

Meets all demands from a variety of machines which require high speed, high precision and high performance or which require simplified settings.

Highly dynamic servo drives with huge power range

The Panasonic motors and servo drivers of the MINAS A5 series have a wide performance range and the motors are available in many variations. Servo drivers: 50W to 1500W, 1-phase 200V, 1kW to 15kW, 3-phase 400V (3-phase 200V), Control functions: position, velocity, and torque control. Control interface: network, pulse inputs, analog, serial, digital I/O, network: EtherCAT, RTEX.

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MINAS A5 servo motors

Servo motors for A5 series.

MINAS A5M servo drives (24/48V DC)

Battery-driven DC drives are very common in drive technology for applications where there is no AC or three-phase current network available.