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SF2B safety light curtain

SF2B - Type 2 safety solution.

SF2B - Type 2 safety solution

The SF2B series fulfils international safety regulations at a reasonable cost. From area sensors to light curtains, Panasonic provides the optimum device to solve your safety application. Safety regulations throughout the world require different safety designs for various risk levels. The SF2B series' design complies with the IEC 61496 international safety standard, and is also guaranteed by a third-party certification organization. Now also available with new corner mirrors for less work and less wiring. A large reduction in cost!


  • 32 varieties for finger and arm protection
  • High-speed response (max. 15ms)
  • No dead zone; unit height = protective height
  • OSSD1 and OSSD2 NPN/PNP type available
  • Error code display
  • Series connection
  • Mutual interference prevention (ELCA)


  • Test rods
  • Intermediate supporting brackets
  • Corner mirrors


  • Mounting brackets
  • Adapter mounting brackets
  • Bottom cap cables
  • Extension cables
  • Cables for series connection
  • Control units
  • Laser alignment tool
  • Large display unit for light curtain

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Typical applications

SF2B safety light curtain applications
  • Protection against malfunction caused by extraneous light
  • Protection against mutual interference thanks to interference prevention


Name Size Date
ZIP SF2B Manual de instrucciones 4.8 MB 01.05.2011
PDF Übersicht Sensoren 29.1 MB 30.01.2020
PDF Short Form Sensors 9.2 MB 07.05.2019
PDF Dead Zoneless Mounting Bracket MS-SF2B-3 - CMJE-MSSF2B3 309.2 KB 22.10.2018
PDF SF-AC Instruction Manual, Instruction Manual, ME-SFAC 330.2 KB 20.08.2018
PDF Product finder for sensors 1.7 MB 19.10.2018
PDF Data sheet SF2B 5.7 MB 12.10.2018
PDF Brochure Capteurs 16.9 MB 03.04.2017
PDF Cable SF2B-CB05-B - CMJE-SF2BCBB 146.8 KB 22.10.2018
PDF Product finder für Sensoren 1.9 MB 01.05.2015
ZIP SF2B 3D Data 26.1 MB 01.06.2007
ZIP SF2B 2D Data 667.7 KB 01.06.2007
PDF General-purpose Fiber Head Instruction Manual, MJEC-FXAT4567 251.5 KB 02.11.2015
PDF SF2B Quick Instruction Manual, MJEC-SF2B 2.6 MB 16.02.2016
PDF SF2B Series Instruction Manual, WUME-SF2B-14 2.5 MB 16.02.2016
PDF Catálogo Resumen Sensores 10.2 MB 14.02.2020
PDF Senzory - Zkrácená verze 10.1 MB
PDF Sensoren Optoelektronische Schutzeinrichtungen 5.7 MB 15.10.2018
PDF Short form Industrial safety products 6.9 MB 15.10.2018
PDF Sensori Fotoelettrici Guida tecnica 1.9 MB
PDF MC-SFBH-□ Instruction Manual, CMJEC-MCSFBH 277.8 KB 01.06.2016
PDF Corner Mirror for SF4D / SF4B / SF2B Series RF-SFBH-□ - ME-RFSFBH 457.2 KB 22.10.2018
ZIP SF2B Manuel d'instructions 5.2 MB 01.05.2011
PDF SF-C13 Modul przekaznikowy przeznaczony specjalnie do kurtyny bezpieczenstwa, WUMPI-SFC13 760.3 KB 16.04.2020
PDF SF-C21 Programowalny sterownik bezpieczenstwa, MPL-SFC21 986.1 KB 16.04.2020
Raccolta Applicazioni Sensori 24.2 KB 20.12.2018
PDF RF-SFBH series: Corner mirror for light curtain 508.7 KB 01.07.2007
ZIP SF2B Manuale di Istruzioni 8.6 MB 01.04.2011
PDF SF2B SL Instruction Manual, MJE-SF2BSL 2.4 MB 16.02.2016
PDF Productos para la Seguridad Industrial 6.6 MB 26.11.2019
PDF SF2B Version 2 Bedienungsanleitung, MEUDE-SF2B-V3.0 10.5 MB 18.03.2019
PDF Programma Sensori 3.1 MB 07.02.2020
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