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LS-400 laser sensor

The LS-400 Series is a digital lasersensor with different separated heads.

Laser heads

The LS series uses a highly focused and concentrated laser beam and a coaxial optical lens system to enable it to detect extremely small objects a long distance away. Choose from ultracompact sensor heads as a reflective light barrier with a polarisation filter or as a reflective sensor with a light spot or light band.

The LS series is particularly suitable for monitoring or detecting extremely small objects on a conveyor belt, for monitoring the sizes of objects and for monitoring edge positions in industrial production.


  • Retroreflective: coaxial lenses with polarized filters
  • Reflective types: spot type and line type
  • Red light laser diode laser class 1 or 2
  • Laser focus and line adjustable
  • Ultracompact size


  • Mounting bracket
  • Lens LSMR1 for line reflection type


A jog switch and mode key allow you to conveniently program all controller functions; programming is easy with a dual, two-colour, 4-digit LCD display and several LED displays. The LS series' M.G.S. function, which allows the receiving sensitivity's dynamic range to be adjusted to prevent oversaturation of the reflected light intensity (transparent objects in the case of reflective light barriers or shiny objects in the case of reflective sensors, for example).


  • Double 4-digit display for current and threshold values
  • Mode key and jog switch for simple adjustment
  • Response time max. 80µs
  • Four output modes
  • Timer
  • Cross talk prevention
  • External teach-in (cable type)
  • Key lock function
  • External switch off of laser beam
  • Side-by-side mounting with FX-300 series possible
  • Cable or connector types


  • Main and sub cables for side-by-side mounting (1 / 2 / 5 m)

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Typical applications

LS-400 applications
  • Interference prevention
    The automatic interference prevention function protects against interference among up to 4 sensors.
  • Emission halt function
    Using the emission halt function, the laser beam can be stopped via external input, e.g. when a spot appears within the visual range of an image processor.
  • External teaching function
    Teaching can be conveniently performed externally for laser sensors installed inside a device.
  • IC pin check from remote position
  • Checking protrusion of glass substrate