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EQ-30 photoelectric sensor

Long distance triangulation sensors.

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Long distance triangulation sensors

Amazing performance is offered by the EQ-30 sensor with a compact size of 68x20x40mm.Using the triangulation measurement principle, where received light intensity and angle are analysed, the target object's colour and material will not affect its performance. An adjustable sensing range which will not be affected by background objects. The robust housing offers IP67 protection allowing the sensor to be used in the most demanding industrial environments.


  • Triangulation detection principle with 2m sensing range
  • Two sensing distances are adjustable (EQ-34W)
  • Highly independent of object colour
  • Background suppression
  • Automatic cross talk suppression
  • Compact design
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Switchable output operation (detection on/off)
  • Mounting accessoires
  • M12 connector (-J) or cable type


  • Mounting bracket
  • M12 connector type: 2m or 5m cable

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Typical applications

EQ-30 aplications
  • Long distance sensing
  • Object detection
  • Color-independent detection