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HL-G1 measurement sensor

High-precision laser-displacement sensors.

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HL-G1 Series

Panasonic has developed and produced laser distance sensors for more than 20 years. Using our well established triangulation method and state-of-the-art laser technology, our sensors are able to handle high resolution measurement regardless of background color and surface conditions. Although HL-G1 boasts features and performance indicative of high-end laser sensors, its price is that of a middle-class laser sensor. Such high-end features include:

  • a resolution of 0.5µm
  • an integrated display for monitoring measurement results, status and settings
  • 3 transistor outputs, 2 analog outputs and serial output (high-functionality type)
  • a new CMOS receiving element that has revolutionized high accuracy


  • Cables 2m, 5m, 10m, 20m
  • Touch panels (Panasonic AIG02Q14D/AIG02MQ15D)
  • Touch panels (Panasonic AIG12GQ14D/AIG12GQ15D/ AIG12MQ14D/AIG12MQ15D)

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Typical applications

HL-G1 measurement sensor applications
  • Control of dispenser height
  • Detection of aluminum wheel grooves
  • Measuring sheet slack and thickness
  • Measuring the eccentricity of a metal shaft


Name Size Date
PDF Seríe HL-G1 Hoja de Instrucciones 1 MB 01.05.2011
PDF HL-G1-Serie Bedienungsanleitung 1.1 MB 01.05.2011
PDF Série HL-G1 Manuel d'Instructions 1 MB 01.04.2011
ZIP HL-G1_A_C5 2D Data 85.2 KB 07.07.2015
ZIP HL-G1_S_J 2D Data 10 KB 07.07.2015
PDF Datenblatt HLG1 3.3 MB 12.10.2015
ZIP HL-G1 PC setting software 56.9 MB 01.01.2015
PDF HLG1-A-RA, HL-G1-A-RS-J Instruction Manual, MJE-HLG1ARSJ(02) 369.2 KB 01.12.2013
PDF Übersicht Sensoren 29.1 MB 30.01.2020
PDF Short Form Sensors 9.2 MB 07.05.2019
PDF HL-G1 Series (A-C5 and S-J type) Instruction Manual, MJE-HLG1(07) 609.5 KB 17.02.2016
PDF Data sheet HL-G1 3.4 MB 12.10.2015
PDF Product finder for sensors 1.7 MB 19.10.2018
PDF Brochure Capteurs 16.9 MB 03.04.2017
ZIP HL-G1 GT12 software (32bit) 7.7 MB 01.01.2015
PDF Serie HL-G1 Manuale d'instruzione 1 MB 01.07.2011
PDF HL-G1 Benutzerhandbuch 11.5 MB 01.07.2012
ZIP HL-G1_A_C5 2D Data 9.5 KB 07.07.2015
ZIP HL-G1_S_J 3D Data 105.4 KB 07.07.2015
PDF Product finder für Sensoren 1.9 MB 01.05.2015
PDF HL-G1 Series Instruction Manual, European version 1.1 MB 01.07.2012
PDF HL-G1 Easy Setup Guide V3 1.4 MB 01.09.2011
PDF HL-G1 Kurzanleitung V3 1.4 MB 01.09.2011
PDF Misure Laser "All in One" 741.9 KB 09.12.2014
PDF Catálogo Resumen Sensores 10.2 MB 14.02.2020
PDF Senzory - Zkrácená verze 10.1 MB
ZIP HL-G1 GT02 software (32bit) 7.3 MB 20.03.2017
ZIP HL-G1 GT02 software (64bit) 7.3 MB 20.03.2017
ZIP Setting and monitoring software tool HL-G1SMI (Ver. 1.3) 51 MB 11.04.2017
PDF Sensori Fotoelettrici Guida tecnica 1.9 MB
PDF Panasonic Expert in automation 112.8 KB 02.07.2015
PDF HL-G1 Series User's Manual (Console Version) 1.1 MB 01.10.2010
ZIP HL-G1 GT12 software (64bit) 7.7 MB 09.01.2015
Raccolta Applicazioni Sensori 24.2 KB 20.12.2018
PDF Selection guide measurement sensors 10.4 MB
PDF Flyer HL-G1 278.4 KB
PDF HL-G1 Series (A-RA-C5 and A-RS-J type) Instruction Manual, MJE-HLG1ARSJ(03) 308.4 KB 16.02.2016
PDF HLG1-A-C5, HL-G1-S-J Instruction Manual, MJE-HLG1(06) 670.4 KB 01.12.2013
PDF HL-G1 Series User's Manual, WUME-HLG1-11 2.5 MB 19.12.2017
PDF HL-G1SMI User's Manual, ME-HLG1SMI-06 3.4 MB 11.04.2017
PDF Programma Sensori 3.1 MB 07.02.2020
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