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HL-C2 measurement sensor

HL-C2 High end laser measurement sensor.

HL-C2 sensor heads

By combining our accumulated know-how in measurement technology with the latest digital technology, we have created the versatile laser displacement sensor HL-C2, the best sensor in its class. Even for extremely difficult applications such as measuring variations in HDD surfaces or sensing very shiny objects, the HL-C2 sensor functions stably and consistently. By using our unique new optical system, high density light-receiving cells and a cutting edge sampling technology, a wider variety of objects can now be stably measured with greater precision and speed than ever before.


  • Resolution up to 0.01μm, regardless of sampling frequency
  • Sampling frequency up to 100kHz
  • Unaffected by color or surface condition of the object
  • Small beam spot type: ø20μm to ø400μm / Linear beam spot type: 20x700μm to 400x6500μm
  • Linearity error, max ±0.02% F.S.
  • Compact design
  • Sensing range from 10mm ± 1mm up to 350 ± 200mm


  • Extension cable (2 / 5 / 10 / 20 / 30m)
  • Neutral density filter

HL-C2 controller

The compact and multifunctional controller unit HL-C2C again shows how powerful this new sensor series is. A flexible combination of controller and sensor heads allows cost-effective service and maintenance. The controller can use measurements taken by the two sensors to instantaneously calculate critical values. The compact touch panel, which is extremely easy to operate, can in turn display such critical values or be used in combination with the controller to calculate results, e.g. for thickness or difference measurement. Moreover, all adjustments and results can be transmitted via USB 2.0, RS232C or Ethernet to a normal PC.


  • 32-bit RISC processor
  • Analog current or voltage output selectable
  • Simple configuration via touch terminal
  • Up to two laser heads per controller
  • Zero point and offset adjustable
  • Calculation functions integrated
  • RS232C
  • USB 2.0


  • Compact console (touch terminal) HL-C2DP-EX
  • Software HL-C2AiM for setting the sensor and monitoring measurement values

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Typical applications

HL-C2 measurement sensor applications
  • Measurement of the position of patterned glass
  • Control of the camera focus
  • Measurement of the shape of a camshaft
  • Measurement of the heights of chip parts


Name Size Date
PDF HL-C235CE, HL-C23CE-MK Instruction Manual, MJE-HLC235CE(05) 744.7 KB 01.10.2013
PDF Brochure: HL-C 2 Serie 9.4 MB 01.11.2017
ZIP HL-C2 AiM PC setting software (Vers. 2.40) 29.5 MB 11.04.2017
PDF Übersicht Sensoren 29.1 MB 30.01.2020
PDF Short Form Sensors 9.2 MB 07.05.2019
PDF HL-C211F5(E), HL-C211F5(E)-MK Instruction Manual, MJE-HLC211F5(05) 630.8 KB 01.10.2013
PDF Product finder for sensors 1.7 MB 19.10.2018
PDF Brochure Capteurs 16.9 MB 03.04.2017
PDF HL-C201F(E), HL-C201F(E)-MK Instruction Manual, MJE-HLC201F(05) 395.5 KB 01.12.2013
PDF HL-C2 User’s Manual Ethernet Communication Control, WUME-HLC2EN-04 1.4 MB 18.03.2019
PDF Product finder für Sensoren 1.9 MB 01.05.2015
PDF Ampel für die Spule - Laser signalisiert richtigen Zeitpunkt für Garnaustausch; Andre Kir… 1.2 MB 09.06.2016
PDF HL-C2C, HLC21C RS232C and Ethernet Type Instruction Manual, CMJE-HLC2C(04) 873.7 KB 18.03.2019
PDF HL-C203F(E), HL-C203F(E)-MK Instruction Manual, MJE-HLC203F(05) 577.4 KB 01.12.2013
PDF HL-C211F(E), HL-C211F(E)-MK Instruction Manual, MJE-HLC211F(05) 565.6 KB 01.12.2013
PDF HL-C201A(E), HL-C201A(E)-MK Instruction Manual, MJE-HLC201A(07) 339.8 KB 01.12.2013
PDF HL-C2 User's Manual, ME-HLC2-18 9.3 MB 18.03.2019
PDF HL-C2 RS-232C Communication Control, WUME-HLC2RS-11 2.3 MB 18.03.2019
PDF Catálogo Resumen Sensores 10.2 MB 14.02.2020
PDF Senzory - Zkrácená verze 10.1 MB
PDF Sensori Fotoelettrici Guida tecnica 1.9 MB
PDF HL-C211F(E), HL-C211F(E)-MK Instruction Manual, MJE-HLC211B(06) 703 KB 01.12.2013
PDF HL-C235BE, HL-C23BE-MK Instruction Manual, MJE-HLC235BE(05) 705.6 KB 01.12.2013
PDF HL-C208 Instruction Manual, MJE-HLC208(02) 930.7 KB 01.02.2015
PDF HL-C235 Instruction Manual, MJE-HLC235EW(02) 688.3 KB 01.02.2015
PDF HL-C2 Intelligent Monitor User's Manual, WUME-HLC2AIM-15 2.5 MB 18.03.2019
Raccolta Applicazioni Sensori 24.2 KB 20.12.2018
PDF Selection guide measurement sensors 10.4 MB
ZIP HL-C2 series, 3D Data 792.7 KB
ZIP HL-C2 series, 2D Data 212.7 KB
PDF HL-C2 USB Communication Control, WUME-HLC2USB-12 1.7 MB 18.03.2019
PDF HL-C203B(E), HL-C203B(E)-MK Instruction Manual, MJE-HLC203B(07) 709.5 KB 01.12.2013
PDF HL-C205 Instruction Manual, MJE-HLC205(02) 931.1 KB 01.02.2015
PDF Programma Sensori 3.1 MB 07.02.2020
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