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GX inductive sensor

Cylindrical inductive sensors.

Cylindrical inductive sensors

The GX cylindrical inductive sensor series with a built-in amplifier comes in two versions - with and without a threaded section. Numerous special types allow you to select the optimum sensor for your application. GX sensors have a large sensing range and come with an indicator LED, which makes it easy for you to check the operation.GX series sensors have robust cases and reinforced cables whose lifetime is 10 times that of conventional connecting cables.


  • Robust cases with or without threaded section
  • Indicator LED
  • Built-in amplifier
  • Inflection resistant cable, optional (-R)
  • Oil and heat resistant cable
  • At 3.0mm diameter, one of the smallest sensor heads for industrial applications
  • Each sensor is available in 4 versions: normally open or normally closed contacts on object approach; standard or inflection resistant cables

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Typical applications

GX inductive sensor applications
  • Control of completeness
  • Sensing the punch of a die
  • Counting parts