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TAWERS - The Arc Welding Robot System

Robot and controller combined with welding power source and servo wire feeder in one unit. All from one manufacturer.

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Robot and controller fused with welding power source and servo wire feeder to one unit. Faster, better and worldwide unique. All from one manufacturer that pays off. 

TAWERS offers all these welding processes:

  • SP-MAG
  • Hyper DIP Puls (HD-Puls)
  • Active Wire Process (AWP)
  • Hot Active and Active Aluminum Process
  • MAG-Heat
  • MTS-CO2
  • MIG Synchron Puls
  • ZI-Tech Process

Other available products

Industrial robots

Welding robot series with externally or internally mounted torch cables and high resolution encoders with highly rigid arms.


Panasonic positioner as well as peripherals which will optimally fit to your production requirements.

Power sources

MIG/MAG/TIG welding power sources for manual or automatic welding.