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PLC FP-XH: the one-stop solution

The new FP-XH combines a compact and durable PLC with a motion controller.

The one-stop solution

Motion control unit and programmable controller combined in one device: The FP-XH can control up to eight axes without additional units and is equipped for high-end applications thanks to the real-time bus. The PLC can be easily and quickly integrated into a system with Panasonic servo drives without the need for additional hardware. The FP-XH with its high-precision servo drive system is already being used successfully in the manufacture of electronic components as well as in the packaging industry or the processing of food.


  • All-in-one solution / no additional units required
    The new FP-XH combines a compact and durable PLC with a motion controller. The all-in-one controller comprises 16 digital inputs/outputs and 4 high-speed-counter channels. This means the FP-XH does not require any additional units to control 8 axes.
  • High-speed processing thanks to fast CPU and RTEX communication
    The CPU processes programs ultra fast: up to 7k steps, processing a basic instruction takes 0.04μs per step and 0.22μs per step for high-level instructions. Above 7k steps, processing a basic instruction takes 0.7μs per step and 1.73μs per step for high-level instructions. The command update cycle for RTEX communication is 1.0ms for 8 axes.
  • Expandable to 256 inputs/outputs with FP-X expansion units and to 384 inputs/outputs with FP0R expansion units
    The CPU has 16 digital inputs/outputs and in addition is equipped with 4 high-speed inputs. The I/O number can be expanded up to 384 I/O with the FP0R and FP-X expansion units.
  • Shared memory
    The shared memory can be allocated to program and data registers in three different ways. This way, it is possible to allocate for example 64k words to the data registers when there are large amounts of log data or 64k steps to the program memory when there is a large number of programs
  •   Program-driven setting Initial state Data-driven setting
    Program capacity 40k steps 32k steps 24k steps
    Data capacity 12k words 32k words 64k words
  • Outstanding real-time performance
    The FP-XH has a real-time bus for high-end applications, the proven RTEX (Realtime Express) network with a command update cycle of 1.0ms. The PLC is both fast and cost effective as well as highly resistant to noise. Thanks to the built-in error correction function, the noise immunity exceeds 2.5kV. This makes the FP-XH compliant with IEC61000-4-4.
  • Full suite of motion functions
    The PLC comes with the full suite of motion functions: Linear, arc, and spiral interpolation as well as electronic gear, electronic clutch, and electronic cam function.
  • Highly accurate servo system
    The communication via RTEX enables cyclic position commands, absolute position commands, and isochronous transmission.
  • Real time monitoring
    In real time, the FP-XH can monitor position, speed, torque, and various other items. If a problem occurs, the cause can be determined quickly by reading out the alarm code.
  • Cost-saving
    Simple wiring with LAN cables reduces the time needed for design and installation.

FP-XH M8N specifications

Item Specification
Product number AFPXHM8N16PD
No. of inputs/outputs 8 DC inputs, 8 outputs (transistor)
High-speed counter
  • 4 channels pulse input
  • Counting range: -2,117,483,648 to 2,117,483,647
Built-in interfaces Ethernet port x 2, RS232C port x 1, USB port x 1
  • Two application cassettes (16 I/Os each)
  • Two communication cassettes (16 I/Os each)
  • FP-X expansion units (max. 7 units with 210 I/Os)
  • FP0R expansion units (max. 3 units with 96 I/Os)
Operation speed Up to 7k steps:
  • 0.04μs for basic instructions
  • 0.22μs for high-level instructions

More than 7k steps:

  • 0.7μs for basic instructions
  • 1.73μs for high-level instructions
Program capacity 24k / 32k / 40k steps (depending on system register setting)
Data register 64k / 32k / 12k words (depending on system register setting)

RTEX specifications: Combination of control axes

Item Specification
Number of axes controlled Max. 8 axes
Independent control Max. 8 axes Combination of independent, interpolation and synchronous controls: max. 8 axes
Interpolation control 2-axis linear interpolation, 2-axis circular interpolation, 3-axis linear interpolation, 3-axis spiral interpolation: max. 8 axes
Synchronous control Master axis (real): max. 4 axis Combination of real and virtual axes: Max. 4 axes Combination of master and slave axes: Max. 8 axes
Master axis (virtual): max. 2 axis
Slave axis: max. 8 axis

RTEX specifications: Communication specifications for motion control

Item Specification
Communication port 100BASE-TX (IEEE802.3)
Baud rate 100Mbit/s
Max. cable length 200m (max. 100m between nodes)
Topology Ring
Cable Shielded twisted-pair cable (category 5e or more)
Connector 9-pin RJ45 x 2
Communication cycle 0.5ms
Position command update 1ms
Max. number of slaves 8 slaves
Connectable slave Panasonic AC Servo Motor A6N/A5N series
Communication mode MEWTOCOL-COM Master/Slave, MODBUS, program controlled

Control of gantry mechanism

Compact PLC FP-XH control of gantry mechanism

Position control keeps 2 axes synchronous when two parallel motors drive one gantry.

  • Target markets: Production of electronic devices, LC displays, machine tools, etc.
  • Target devices: Inspection equipment, coaters, laser scanners, etc.

Control of cam mechanism

Compact PLC FP-XH control of cam mechanism

An electronic cam controls the slave axis in synchronization with the master axis according to a pre-defined electronic cam table.

  • Target markets: Packaging industry, food/chemicals processing, printing industry
  • Target devices: Rotary cutters, printing machines, inserters, etc.


Description Part number
FP-XH RTEX and motion control unit for 8 axes, memory for 24k / 32k / 40k steps (configurable), 8 IN / 8 OUT (24V DC / 0.5A), screw terminal block, 24V DC AFPXHM8N16PD

Communication cassettes

Description Part number
FP-X-COM1 communication cassette, 1 ch. RS232C (5 pin) AFPXCOM1
FP-X-COM2 communication cassette, 2 ch. RS232C (2x 3 pin) AFPXCOM2
FP-X-COM3 communication cassette, 1 ch. RS485 (3 pin) AFPXCOM3
FP-X-COM4 communication cassette, 1 ch. RS232C (3 pin) and 1 ch. RS485 (2 pin) AFPXCOM4
FP-X-COM5 communication cassette, 1 ch. Ethernet (10Base-T, 100Base-TX) and 1 ch. RS232C (3 pin) AFPXCOM5
FP-X-COM6 communication cassette, 2x RS485, 115.2 kbit/s AFPXCOM6

Add-on cassettes

Description Part number
FP-X I/O cassette, 4 IN (24V DC) / 4 OUT (NPN, 0.3A), terminal block AFPXIN4T3
FP-X input cassette, 8 IN (24V DC), terminal block AFPXIN8
FP-X output cassette, 6 OUT (PNP, 0.5A), terminal block AFPXTR6P
FP-X output cassette, 8 OUT (NPN, 0.3A), terminal block AFPXTR8
FP-X pulse I/O cassette, HSC input (single-phase 2  ch., each 80kHz or two-phase 1 ch., 30kHz, pulse output: one axis 100kHz/ch). AFPXPLS
FP-X analog input cassette, 2 inputs (0–10V or 0–20mA, 12-bit, 2ms/2ch.) AFPXAD2
FP-X analog output cassette, 2 outputs (0–10V or 0–20mA, 12-bit, 2ms/2 ch.) AFPXDA2
FP-X analog I/O cassette, 2  ch. inputs (0–5V or 0–10V or 0–20mA, 12-bit, 2ms/2 ch.), 1 ch. output (0–10V or 0–20mA, 12-bit, 1ms/ ch.) (insulated) AFPXA21
FP-X thermocouple input cassette, 2-point thermocouple input, K/J type, -50°C to +500°C, resolution 0.2°C, 200 ms/2  ch. (insulated) AFPXTC2
FP-X RTD cassette, 2-point RTD input, PT100, -200°C to +850°C, resolution 0.1°C AFPXRTD2
FP-X master memory cassette with a clock/calendar function AFPXMRTC

Expansion units

Description Part number
FP-X-E16R expansion unit, 8 IN (24V DC) / 8 OUT (2A relay), terminal block AFPXE16R
FP-X-E16P expansion unit, 8 IN (24V DC) / 8 OUT (PNP transistor output, 0.5A), terminal block AFPXE16P
FP-X-E16X expansion unit, 16 IN (24V DC), terminal block AFPXE16X
FP-X-E14YR expansion unit, 14 OUT (2A relay), terminal block AFPXE14YR
FP-X-E30R expansion unit, 16 IN (24V DC) / 14 OUT (2A relay), terminal block, 230V AC AFPXE30R
FP-X-E30RD expansion unit, 16 IN (24V DC) / 14 OUT (2A relay), terminal block, 24V DC AFPXE30RD
FP-X-E30P expansion unit, 16 IN (24V DC) / 14 OUT (PNP transistor output, 0.5A), terminal block, 230V AC AFPXE30P
FP-X-E30PD expansion unit, 16 IN (24V DC /14 OUT (PNP transistor output, 0.5A), terminal block, 24V DC AFPXE30PD
Adapter for connecting up to 3 FP0R expansion units, 24V DC AFPXEFP0


Name Size Date
PDF MINAS A5/A6 servo driver to FP series PLC incl. FP0H (PNP output type), 1 axis, 50 pin co… 711.4 KB 29.11.2018
PDF Datenblatt AFPC10PINS, 8-fach Klemmen-Terminal 492.5 KB 04.06.2018
PDF Data sheet MF20MD, Connector screw terminal 20 pins 329.8 KB 04.06.2018
PDF AFPXHC Installation Instructions, MJE-FPXHCG 6 MB 06.10.2020
PDF Data sheet AFPRT8, Relay terminal with 8 relays (2A), with LED, changeover contact 265.4 KB 04.06.2018
ZIP FPWIN Pro 7, full and update version FULL: For a full version buy a license sepa… 423.3 MB 28.05.2020
PDF FP-XH User's Manual (Communication), WUME-FPXHCOMG-01 4.1 MB 06.10.2020
PDF FP-XH User's Manual (Positioning Function / PWM Output / High-speed Counter Function), WU… 6.2 MB 06.10.2020
PDF FP-XH User's Manual (Basic), WUME-FPXHBASG-01 6.6 MB 06.10.2020
PDF Datenblatt AFPRT8, 8-fach Relais-Terminal mit Wechselkontakten 264.8 KB 04.06.2018
PDF Data sheet FP-XH 2.7 MB 07.08.2018
PDF Network Motion System FP-XH M8N / MINAS A6N 11.7 MB 12.12.2017
PDF Datenblatt MF20MD, Klemmenterminal mit 20 Schraubklemmen 334.3 KB 04.06.2018
ZIP Motion -& Communication FPWIN Pro 7 Library for MINAS A5N/A6N Series, RTEX, Version 1.0.0… 1.7 MB 19.04.2018
ZIP Motion- & Communication FPWIN Pro 7 Library for MINAS BL Series, RS485 Serial Protocol, V… 13.7 MB 08.04.2019
PDF Soluzioni Compact Motion - Dedicate ai costruttori di macchine 7.6 MB 03.09.2018
PDF Data sheet AFPC10PINS, screw teminal for 8 PLC outputs 376.4 KB 04.06.2018
PDF Corvina Cloud. Komplett vernetzter Kommunikationsservice für die Industrie 229.9 KB 29.11.2018
PDF FP-XH User's Manual 12 MB
ZIP CAD FP-XH 1.4 MB 19.05.2020
ZIP FPWIN Pro 7, full and update version 7.5. FULL: For a full version buy a license separate… 422.5 MB 09.09.2020
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