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FP-X0 series: multi-functional and cost-effective programmable controllers

The FP-X0 is an entry-level PLC with all the functions required for simple automation applications and the most common motion control tasks.

The multi-functional, yet inexpensive PLC

FP-X0 programmable controllers include the functionality required for simple automation applications (see highlights below). They are ideal for the most common motion control automation solutions, for example together with MINAS A5 servo drives and especially MINAS LIQI. CPUs are available with 14, 30, 40 and 60 I/Os and can be expanded to up to 216 I/Os.

Highlights FP-X0

  • Processing speed of 0.08µs/step for basic instructions for the first 3000 steps
  • Program capacity of up to 8k steps and 8k words data registers
  • Expandable with FP-X and FP0R analog units and digital I/O expansion units
  • Built-in analog input and real-time clock
  • Up to 2 serial communication ports can be used simultaneously (1 x RS232 + 1 x RS485)
  • Built-in 2-channel pulse output, e.g. for linear interpolation
  • Max. high-speed counting frequency of 50kHz (1 channel) and max. pulse output frequency of 50kHz (2 channels)
  • Program protection with an 8-digit password and a function which prohibits uploads
  • Compatible with all Panasonic FP series PLCs. The FP-X0 can be programmed using Control FPWIN Pro programming software in compliance with the international standard IEC 61131-3

Specifications FP-X0

PLC Type L14R L30R L40R L40MR L60R L60RM
Number of digital I/Os 14 30 40 60
Number of digital inputs 8 16 24 32
Number and type of digital outputs 6 (4 relay + 2 transistor NPN) 14 (10 relay + 4 transistor NPN) 16 (12 relay + 4 transistor NPN) 28 (24 relay + 4 transistor NPN)
Analog input -- 2-channel (10-bit resolution) for: voltage input (0-10V), thermistor input and potentiometer input
Max. no. I/Os using FP-X expansion units -- 130 (max. 3 expansion units) 150 (max. 3 expansion units)
Max. no. I/Os using FP-X and FP0R expansion units -- 196 (max. 2 FP-X and 3 FP0R expansion units) 216 (max. 2 FP-X and 3 FP0R expansion units)
Memory type Built-in flash-ROM
Program capacity 2.5k steps 8k steps
Processing speed 0.08µs/step for basic instructions 0.08µs/step for basic instructions for the first 3000 steps and 0.58µs/step thereafter
Data registers (DT) 2500 words 8192 words
Internal relays (R) 1008 4096
Memory backup (flash ROM)

Counters: 6

Internal relays: 5

Data registers: 300 words

Counters: 16

Internal relays: 8

Data registers: 302 words

Operating voltage range 100 to 240V AC

Special features FP-X0

PLC Type L14R L30R L40R L40MR L60R L60RM
High-speed counter 1- phase: 4 channels (max. 20kHz); 2-phase: 2 channels (max. 20kHz) 1- phase: 4 channels (max. 50kHz); 2-phase: 2 channels (max. 20kHz)
Pulse output 1 channel (max. 20kHz) 2 channels (max. 20kHz) 2 channels (max. 50kHz)
PWM output 1 channel (max. 1.6kHz) 2 channels (max. 1.6kHz) 2 channels (max. 3.0kHz)
Communication ports 1x RS232C 1x RS232C 1x RS232C 1x RS485 1x RS232C 1x RS232C 1x RS485
Clock/calendar function -- Yes

Expansion Unit

FP-X0 expansion units

L40 and L60 controllers can be expanded using FPX/FP0R expansion units. You can connect up to a maximum of 3 FPX (Ver 3) expansion units reaching a maximum of 150 I / O. Through the FP0 (AFPX-EFP0) adapter you can use up to a maximum of 3 FP0R series expansion units (digital and analog modules, thermocouple or networking units) and two FP-X Expansion Units by making the expandability increase up to 216 I / 0.

Without expansion FP0/FP0R adapter: CPU + 3 FP-X expansion units (Ver. 3)

With expansion FP0/FP0R adapter: CPU + 2 FP-X expansion units + 3 FP0R expansion units


Name Size Date
PDF MINAS A5/A6 servo driver to FP series PLC incl. FP0H (PNP output type), 1 axis, 50 pin co… 711.4 KB 29.11.2018
PDF Datenblatt AFPC10PINS, 8-fach Klemmen-Terminal 492.5 KB 04.06.2018
PDF Data sheet MF20MD, Connector screw terminal 20 pins 329.8 KB 04.06.2018
PDF Telecontrol: catalogo resumido 1.1 MB
PDF Übersicht Speicherprogrammierbare Steuerungen 2.6 MB 20.10.2016
PDF Data sheet AFPRT8, Relay terminal with 8 relays (2A), with LED, changeover contact 265.4 KB 04.06.2018
PDF Serie TB20 - Sistema de E/S distribuidas basadas en bus de campo 550.6 KB
PDF Soluzioni per il Motion Control. Servo Minas A5, Minas LIQI e PLC serie FP 9.6 MB 04.12.2016
PDF Datenblatt AFPRT8, 8-fach Relais-Terminal mit Wechselkontakten 264.8 KB 04.06.2018
PDF Brochure Automates Programmables Industriels 3.3 MB
ZIP FP Loader Version 2.50: A software tool designed to download program files created with F… 327.2 KB 21.06.2011
PDF Short Form Programmable Logic Controllers 13.5 MB 07.09.2020
PDF Catálogo Resumen Autómatas Programables 4.6 MB 28.01.2020
PDF Data sheet AFPC10PINS, screw teminal for 8 PLC outputs 376.4 KB 04.06.2018
ZIP FP-X0 User's Manual 8.6 MB 01.12.2011
PDF Datenblatt MF20MD, Klemmenterminal mit 20 Schraubklemmen 334.3 KB 04.06.2018
PDF Corvina Cloud. Komplett vernetzter Kommunikationsservice für die Industrie 229.9 KB 29.11.2018
PDF Multi-functional & compact PLC 3.3 MB
ZIP FPWIN Pro 7, full and update version 7.5. FULL: For a full version buy a license separate… 422.5 MB 09.09.2020
PDF FP Serie Controllori Programmabili 13.4 MB
ZIP FP Series Programming Manual 9.1 MB 01.08.2011
PDF Brochure Automates programmables industriels 3.4 MB
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