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GT707 touch terminal

The first 7" touch terminal with TFT color display and excellent life-like images.

GT707 touch terminal shadow

GT707 - progressing towards a new dimension

The first 7-inch touch panel which fits into the panel cut-out of a 5.7 inch touch panel. This way, the extremely user-friendly touch panel provides more display space while maintaining a slim design.

TFT color screen for excellent life-like images

HMI FT707 TFT color screen for excellent life-like images

High-resolution TFT color screen with 65536 colors and a long-life white LED backlight. The comfortable wide-screen LCD (800 x 480 pixels) displays images in high contrast without distracting dots or lines.

The new GT model offers 16 times more colors and a resolution that is 5 times higher than that of the GT32T-R, for example.

Status monitor

HMI GT707 Status monitor

The GT707 offers an easy way to check the status of all connected devices at one glance. The device monitor lets you see the status of a PLC, for example. No need for a computer. Simply start the device monitor from the system menu. No need for manual programming.

Transfer of program data

HMI GT707 Transfer of program data

PLC and GTWIN project data can easily be transferred via SD/SDHC memory card: Simply load them from the PLC or the GT touch panel and save them back again.


Color of front panel Black
Communication port RS232C
Power supply 24V DC
Operating voltage range 21.6 to 26.4 V DC
Power consumption Max. 6W (max. 250mA)
Ambient temperature 0 to +50°C
Ambient humidity 20 to 85 % RH, no condensation
Degree of protection IP65 (in the initial stages), dust-proof and drip-proof from the front of the panel only (rubber packing is attached to the panel contact surface, see note 1).
Net weight Approx. 360g
Display 7 inch, TFT color LCD
Display size 154.3 x 86.7mm (W x H)
Displayable area 153.5x 85.6mm (W x H)
Resolution 800 x 480 dots (W x H)
Display color 65536 colors
Backlight White LED
Number of screens Approx. 230 screens (see note 2)
SD memory card slot Available
USB port USB Mini-B type
Dimensions 186 x 122 x 34mm (W x H x D)


  1. The degree of protection only applies to the front surface of the installed panel. The degree of protection is not guaranteed for all environments.
  2. The number of screens that can be stored in the touch panel depends on the screen contents (images, buttons, logos, etc.).