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GT32 touch terminal

A clearly readable display with long-life LED backlight, the GT32-R offers many functions, such as recipe function, line / bar graphs, as well as flow display.

GT32 touch terminal shadow


The GT32 series provides a clear and beautiful LCD display with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and includes 12 different models. You can choose models with monochrome or color display, with an RS232C or RS422/RS485 interface and pure black or hairline silver housing. An SD memory card slot, an Ethernet interface and a sound output function are also available for various models.

USB interface and SD memory card slot as standard equipment

HMI GT32 USB interface and SD memory card slot as standard equipment

You can connect your PC and GT32 using a commercially available USB cable to transfer screen data.

The use of SD memory cards makes copying screen data between GT32 terminals easy. You can also store firmware and sound files on the SD memory card. SD memory cards with a maximum of 16 GB are supported.

Multi-language function


Using the multi-language function, you can easily translate all texts in the application to other languages. The multi-language exchange string list for switching the language display can be edited in Excel and imported. A maximum of 16 languages can be created for an application.


HMI GT series through function

Communication can be set to take place automatically between the COM and TOOL ports using the “through-function”. When the FP series tool software installed on the computer connected to the GT series as shown below is booted, PLC programs can be edited via the GT panel. The through-function does not require any special settings and is always in standby mode.

Wide variety of functions

HMI GT05 Wide variety of functions
  1. Recipe function
    Recipes are sets of data containing all variables necessary for executing a certain function. You can use GTWIN's recipe function to enter, change or read values for the variables stored in the recipe.
  2. Line and bar graphs
    These functions allow you to define reference devices (i.e. addresses) in order to generate graphs, allowing you to easily monitor or compare operation status at a glance, for example.
  3. 3) The flow display function allows you to display a text or message streaming right to left on the screen like an electronic bulletin board. 128 flowing messages of up to 64 characters can be displayed.

Key features

  • TFT monochrome or 4096-color TFT display
  • LED backlight
  • Resolution: 320 x 240 dots
  • USB interface
  • SD memory card slot (32GB max.)
  • IP67
  • High luminance
  • Energy saving
  • Dimensions: 163.2 x 128.8 x 39.1 mm
  • Graph, recipe and flow display function
  • Through-function for simultaneous debugging of GT and PLC
  • Numerous 3D objects for a realistic appearance


Main units GT32M-R GT32T-R
Rated voltage 24V DC
Screen size (WxH) 5.7'' (113.2 x 86.4mm)
Display device TFT monochrome LCD TFT color LCD
Display color 2 colors (black / white, 16 gray scales) 4,096 colors
Resolution (W x H) 320 × 240 dots
Backlight White LED
Brightness 700 Cd/m2 600 Cd/m2
Brightness adjustable Yes
IP protection IP67
Number of screens 180 screens approx..
External interface
Serial port RS232C / RS422 (RS485)
USB port X
SD memory card X