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Amorton for the outdoor environment

Amorphous solar cells are used outdoors wherever the optimal alignment of the cells and the associated light yield cannot be guaranteed.
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Solar power for outdoor applications

Amorphous silicon solar cells can transform 7-8% of the sunlight into usable energy. In comparison to other technologies this might not seem to be a lot. But Amorton solar cells can even generate power in times of low irradiation like in the morning or evening times. But also energy can be harvested when the device is shaded or not directly facing the sun.

Outdoor film type - AM-1.5 standard condition (1000W/m2, 25°C)

Model with wires Voc Isc Vmpp Impp Pmpp External dimensions (mm) Width x length x thickness ext. width [mm] ext. length [mm] thickness [mm]
AT-7665A 4.9V 44mA 3.6V 35mA 125mW 58.4 x 56.0 x 0.3 58.40 56.00 0.30
AT-7664A 4.9V 122mA 3.6V 93mA 335mW 73.0 x 112.0 x 0.3 73.00 112.00 0.30
AT-7666A 4.9V 402mA 3.6V 308mA 1110mW 146.0 x 167.5 x 0.3 146.00 167.50 0.30
AT-7705A 5.7V 38mA 4.2V 31mA 128mW 73.0 x 42.0 x 0.3 73.00 42.00 0.30
AT-7802A 6.5V 33mA 4.8V 26mA 127mW 73.0 x 42.0 x 0.3 73.00 42.00 0.30
AT-7963A 7.3V 262mA 5.4V 201mA 1083mW 146.0 x 167.5 x 0.3 146.00 167.50 0.30
AT-7S63A 24.0V 157mA 16.8V 125mA 2103mW 292.0 x 168.0 x 0.3 292.00 168.00 0.30
AT-7S64A 24.0V 316mA 16.8V 250mA 4207mW 292.0 x 336.0 x 0.3 292.00 336.00 0.30


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