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ASQM miniature slide switch

One of the smallest IP67 micro switch solutions in the market realized by changing from SPDT to SPST-NO or SPST-NC.
Flexible line-up to support most customer requirements.
Data sheet
ASQM miniature slide switch shadow

ASQM switch for rough conditions and limited space

The ASQM is based on the 100 millionfold tried-and-tested turquoise stroke switch ASQ.

With its sliding contact and the compact structure, the ASQM (which conforms to IP67) is the optimal solution for detection tasks in environments where space is limited and conditions are rough. Typically, the ASQM can be used for: Door locking systems for the automotive sector, air conditioning in private households, coffee machines, and many more.

Key features

  • High contact reliability thanks to double clipping contact
  • Long overtravel
  • Silent operation
  • Excellent shock and vibration resistance
  • Insertion lever with high reset force
  • Contact force is independent from travel
  • Waterproof  –  IP67 degree of protection
Item Value
Series name ASQM
Operation voltage range 5V to 16V
Operation current range 1mA to 50mA
Cycle rate 300k
Degree of protection IP67
Automotive grade -40°C to +85°C

For the lever type, custom-made levers are possible.

Solderless assembly

ASQM Solderless assembly

The solderless press-fit solution has a lot of advantages:

  • no failures because of heat stress
  • no cold solder joints or soldering bridges
  • no further process steps or cleaning of flux residues required

The press-fit version differs only in the terminal shape, the inner and outer structure remains unmodified.

ASQM possible use case

ASQM Possible use case

Press insertion switch terminals to module terminals (bus bar).

Fix and seal the terminals by potting.

ASQM benefit for customer

ASQM Benefit for customer
  1. Standard solder terminal
  2. Fork-type terminal: compared to soldering terminal, it is necessary to bend the terminals by 90°, which means an additional production step and needs more metal
  3. Press-fit terminal: Only a small change for the solder terminal is necessary, compared to fork shape it is simplified and less material is needed


Improvement of installation and reduction of cost thanks to solderless connection.

Please contact us to discuss the right combination of materials, design, and tolerances.

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