Nickel Metal Hydride batteries - suitable for almost every application

Our Nickel Metal Hydride batteries are state-of-the-art and ideal for less complex and cost-sentitive applications. They are particularly designed for wide operating temperature applications.


Ideal for less complex and wide operating temperature usage

Ni-MH battery technology is the successor to Ni-Cd (nickel cadmium) technology, used for rechargeable and portable devices. Panasonic offers standard batteries for common applications and a state-of-the-art high temperature battery family that delivers excellent reliability at high ambient temperatures and demanding conditions. Our batteries are especially designed for solar-powered applications, automotive and power tools.

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Ni-MH back-up for infrastructure type (H) standard batteries

The expected life of these small size and light weight Ni-MH back-up batteries is about 4 to 6 years.

Ni-MH back-up infrastructure type (PH) high rate discharge batteries

These state-of-the-art batteries deliver excellent current discharge characteristics across a wide temperature range.

Ni-MH high rate discharge type (P) batteries

These Nickel Metal Hydride batteries provide excellent current discharge characteristics and suit rapid charging applications (e.g. power tools etc.)

Ni-MH button top type (B) batteries

These batteries are the perfect replacement for standard alkaline or zinc carbon devices in consumer products such as flash lights and toothbrushes.

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Ni-MH battery - have a look inside

Do you want to look inside a Ni-MH cylindrical battery? This video shows the inner workings of a nickel metal hydride battery and gives an excellent overview of the battery materials (e.g. electrodes, gasket, insulator, poles, etc.). Please take a look!

Ni-MH batteries - designed for automotive applications

Enjoy a fantastic trip through various battery-driven automotive applications (e.g. e-call) and find out how Panasonic batteries can power your devices. Have a look at our accompanying video!

Tailor-made Ni-MH battery packs meet customer needs


We offer custom-made battery packs in order to meet our customers' requirements. When these battery packs are developed the battery type, number of cells, pack shape and constituent parts are determined by the application. Considerations include voltage and current, charging specifications, available space and, of course, the usage conditions. Please find out how we can power your business.  

1. External heat-shrinkable tube

2. Connector plate (nickel plate)

3. Insulating paper

4. Terminal plate (nickel plate)

5. Unit cell

6. Heat-shrinkable tube

7. Thermal protector

Ni-MH batteries - designed for alarm systems

Be entertained and informed by joining a fantastic trip through various battery-driven security applications (e.g. alarm systems) and find out how Panasonic batteries can power your devices. Take a look at our accompanying video!