Lithium Ion Pin type batteries - designed for wearables

Miniature batteries have become a key component of today's common mobile wearable devices. For these innovative product ideas to work in practice, their Li-Ion cells must be as small as possible.


Miniature rechargeable batteries - especially designed for wearables

Our Li-Ion miniature batteries deliver a high energy density, a good cycle stability and a long lifespan. In addition, they are extremely light and robust.They are especially designed for wristband devices, fitness trackers, smart glasses, stylus pens, wireless head phones, hearing aids, industrial IoT applications and other applications.

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Li-Ion batteries - terminal types


We are offering a range of different tabs for our Li-Ion Pin type batteries in order to meet customer needs. In addition, tailor-made solutions are possible as well.

E2  through-hole type

M2  surface mount type