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Amorton for solar-powered watches

Amorton solar cells are used in large quantities in wristwatches. Besides standard products we also offer customized solutions.

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Customize the solar cell for your design

To power a quartz wristwatch by solar energy makes high demands on the technology. The solar cell shall be lightweight, thin, easy to integrate and deliver enough energy even if hidden behind a semi-transparent dial. Panasonic Amorton meets all of these requirements and is therefore present in this market since decades. Profit from our longtime experience and consult us for your next design.

Watch type - Fluorescent light: 200lx (25°C)

Model without wires Voc Isc Vmpp Impp Pmpp External dimensions (mm) Width x length x thickness Substrate ext. width [mm] ext. length [mm] thickness [mm]
AL-2402 2.4V 13.8µA 1.9V 9.0µA 17.1µW 26.3 x 26.8 x 0.18 Stainless steel 26.30 26.80 0.18
AM-2709 4.2V 4.0µA 3.6V 3.1µA 11.2µW Ø27.2 x 0.2 Glass     0.20
AT-2400B 2.4V 19.0µA 2.0V 16.6µA 33.2µW 26.3 x 26.8 x 0.18 Film 26.30 26.80 0.18
AT-26L0B 4.2V 15.3µA 3.4V 12.9µA 44.0µW Ø30.8 x 0.7 Film     0.70


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