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IoT Solution module

The IoT Soution module is inspired by STMicroelectronics BlueTile evaluation kit to reduce time to market, development efforts and costs for IoT product makers.

IoT Solution Module Summary

Joint forces - for smart applications

Now available at ARROW for a faster time-to-market: Panasonic Industry IoT modules based on the STMicroelectronics BlueTile multi-sensor development kit 

Creating IoT Solution modules that clearly contribute to cutting down time to market in development processes in these rather fast paced times of innovation and automatization has been the clear priority for Panasonic Industry – thereby leading to\ joint efforts with ARROW and STMicroelectronics to deliver a low-power wireless multi-sensor edge-intelligence solution for smart factory, smart home and smart life applications.

Based on and inspired by the ST BlueTile (STEVAL-BCN002V1B) multi-sensor development kit, customers are able to test and evaluate their ideas easily, and bring new IoT products quickly and at a reduced BOM to the markets.

The IoT Solution module features ST’s latest BlueNRG Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 system-on-chip paired with numerous inertial, environmental, and audio sensors. This renders the module as suitable as versatile for a vast number of voice command (PAN3011), environmental and agricultural (PAN3012) or smart factory and industrial robotics (PAN3013) purposes.

While guaranteeing the highest quality and all required certifications, the collaboratively launched Panasonic Industry IoT solution module family will serve the customer’s needs efficiently, bringing new ideas to life.  

Three variants of the IoT Solution module

PAN3011 Voice Command

IoT Solution module

PAN3011: Voice Command

Designed for Voice Command applications, the PAN3011 features a digital microphone, an accelerometer and gyroscope, and a magnetometer.
PAN3012 Environmental

IoT Solution module

PAN3012: Environmental

The PAN3012 is dedicated for Environmental applications with its digital microphone, the pressure sensor, and the humidity and temperature sensor.

IoT Solution module

PAN3013: Robotics

Inspired by the ST BlueTile development kit, the PAN3013 includes a Time-of-Flight sensor, a magnetometer, and an acceaccelerometer and gyroscope.

Repository for dedicated code examples

Application industrial automation robot arm right

The Repository contains dedicated code examples for the Panasonic IoT Solution Modules.

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