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Bluetooth® Low Energy modules

Panasonic Bluetooth Low Energy modules are optimized for low power consumption without loss of performance or range.

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Bluetooth® Low Energy

For wireless communication devices that have been optimized for low power consumption rather than maximum data transfer rates, Bluetooth Low Energy functionality technology fits the bill perfectly. It consumes as little as one-hundredth the average power required by Classic Bluetooth technology. 
In the second generation Bluetooth smart ICs, also called “nanopower” Bluetooth, transmission power consumption will fall by about 66% with no loss of range or performance.

Bluetooth® Low Energy modules with best performance

Wireless PAN1780 Bluetooth Low Energy

Bluetooth Low Energy modules

PAN1780: High Performance and Long Range

Bluetooth® 5.0, IEEE® 802.15.4 & NFC: The PAN1780 offers high design flexibility at high performance with its ARM Cortex-M4F, 1MB Flash and 256kB RAM.
WIRELESS PAN1740A Bluetooth Low Energy v4.2 Module

Bluetooth Low Energy modules

PAN1740A: Small Form Factor, if size matters

Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.0: The PAN1740A offers a small form factor of 9.0x9.5x1.8 [mm]. It is designed to connect small applications.
Wireless PAN1762 Bluetooth low energy


PAN1762: Long Range and High Throughput

Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.0: The Industry Leading Link Budget of 113dBm results in ~3km range and is favorable for beacon

Bluetooth® Low Energy portfolio includes also the combo modules

PAN1780AT - PAN1780 with AT Command Stack

Complementary available to the PAN1780 is the PAN1780AT, a variant with additional AT Command Stack.

PAN1326C2: HCI Performer

The Bluetooth® Dual Mode Module (BR, EDR, LE 5.1) allows to connect to Bluetooth Classic and Low Energy with one module.

PAN1026A: Full Bluetooth® compatibility

Bluetooth® dual mode module (BR & LE 4.2): Highly-integrated Bluetooth controller that delivers high-speed operation at low power consumption.

PAN4620: IoT dual mode module

IEEE® 802.15.4 & Bluetooth® Low Energy 4.2: Panasonic IoT module can use single and concurrent operation of standards.

PAN9026: Panasonic Allround Solution Module

Wi-Fi® 2.4/5.0 GHz + Bluetooth® Classic and Low Energy offers simultaneous and independent WiFi & Bluetooth operation.

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Smart efficiency


LE Modules are the technology of choice wherever there is the need for maximum performance at minimum power consumption. The LE modules perfectly suit industrial mesh networks or even larger smart city infrastructures.


  • Smart City infrastructure
  • Industrial Mesh Networks

Innovatively comfy


Smart home efficiency, taken to the next level: Bluetooth LE Modules enable the operation of various control systems at a very low power consumption.


  • Access Control
  • Lighting Control

Medical Applications


Medical Devices

  • Smart Health
  • Secure Medical Peripherals