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Thermal solutions

Panasonic offers a variety of solutions for thermal management including graphite sheet material, cooling fans and vacuum insulation panels.

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Our top product lines

thermal solutions graphite-TIM

Thermal solutions

Thermal Interface Material (TIM) suitable for use in power modules

Graphite TIM transfers heat from the power device to the heat sink efficiently, extending the lifetime of the device.
thermal-solutions cooling-fan

Thermal solutions

Cooling fans

Keeping quiet over a long lifetime by using a unique hydro-dynamic bearing with non-contact rotation.
thermal solutions vip vacuum insulation panel

Thermal solutions

Vacuum insulation panels

Highest level of insulation performance for energy savings.

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Other available product lines

Graphite pads with a high thermal conductivity in the Z axis

Graphite pads can fill big gaps and transfer heat from a heat-generating device, such as an IC, to a cold wall.

PGS graphite sheets for heat spreading, transference and interfacing

High thermal conductivity; excellent flexibility.

NASBIS sheeting with high thermal insulation performance

NASBIS - new, high performance thermal insulation sheeting capable of providing insulation within a limited space of 1mm or less.

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