E-Bike mood

Display & remote

The compact display provides various information and functions such as assist modes, speeds or battery status in 10 languages.

e-bike display remote header

E-Bike display & remote

The compact, detachable display provides various information and functionality:

  • Clock
  • Speedometer
  • Maximum speed
  • Average speed
  • Odometer
  • Remaining riding distance
  • Riding distance
  • Assist mode
  • Assist power indication
  • Waterproof after IPX5
  • State of battery charge
  • 10 languages

A quick diagnosis of the E-Bike via a micro USB interface is possible by a dealer.

Auto mode
In addition to three assist modes, HIGH, STANDARD and ECO, there is also AUTO mode, which provides the ideal power assistance depending on the input torque from the rider.