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Inductors (coils)

Panasonic metal composite monolitic structure realizes highest reliability, robustness and performance.
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inductor automotive high-performance

Automotive power inductors

The ETQP_M* series of fully AEC-Q200 qualified automotive power inductors delivers the highest reliability and robustness.
inductor automotive low-profile

Industrial power inductors

The ETQP_M and ETQP_L series cover a wide inductance range with low DCR and high current characteristics.
inductors PCC M1040LL ETQP4LR36AFC

Consumer inductors

ETQP_L* metal composite power inductors with low DCR and step-up coils for consumer applications.

Unterstützung bei der Konstruktion von Spulen

simulation data libraries icon teaser

Simulation data libraries

Für jeden einzelnen Artikel können Ersatzstromkreismodelle und S-Parameterdaten downgeloadet werden.
LC PAI filter simulator icon teaser

LC simulator

Simulates attenuation requirements when configuring an LC filter using a power inductor and aluminium electrolytic capacitors.
power inductor loss simulator icon teaser

Power loss simulator

This loss simulator for automotive applications enables the simulation of losses and temperature rises due to the current in power inductors.
CAD data icon teaser

CAD data

Sie können CAD-Daten downloaden.
Characteristic viewer icon teaser

Characteristic viewer

Dieses Tool zeigt verschiedene Eigenschaften eines ausgewählten Teils anhand eines Diagramms der Betätigungsfrequenz, Temperatur usw. an.
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Inductor guide download

An Introduction to power inductors for automotive applications.
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