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Circuit protection

Panasonic offers a variety of solutions for circuit protection including several types of ESD protection device, common mode filters and a wide range of thermistors
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Our product lines

ESD protection

Provides a wide varety line-up of ESD protection components

Enable to protect the equipment from ESD in various circuit and contribute to product safety design.
circuit protection multilayer NTC thermistors
Multilayer NTC thermistors

A wide selection of NTC thermistors

NTC Thermistors contribute to high accuracy temperature sensing and high reliability.
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Common mode filters

A wide range of common mode filters; good signal integrity

This noise suppression device is used for signal integrity enhancement and common mode noise suppression.
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Micro chip fuses

A quick-action chip fuse for protecting a secondary circuit. It is used for preventing e.g. smoke emission or fire caused by an overcurrent.