Electromechanical and semiconductor relays

DSP relay: miniature 8A polarized relay

This miniature high power relay has a minimum creepage and clearance distance of 3.5mm, and is available with various different contact arrangements.

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8A Power In The Size Of A Signal Relay

DSP series devices are 8A power relays that are nearly as small as signal relays. The broad line-up consists of 54 types, including single side stable, 1 coil latching and 2 coil latching operating functions for all contact arrangements (1NO, 1NO 1NC, 2NO). Direct driving by transistors and chips is possible thanks to a pick-up sensitivity of about 190mW in combination with a 3V coil. Other operating voltages are available up to 24V. As an accessory, PCB sockets are available.

Key Features

  • High contact rating: 1a 8A 250VAC / 2a, 1a1b 5A 250VAC
  • Latching types available
  • Nominal operating power of 300mW
  • UL/CSA, TÜV, Glow wire (EN 60335)-approved
  • UL/CSA, TÜV-approved
  • Sealed type construction
  • PCB socket available

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Home automation

DSP power relay hoe automation
  • IoT applications
  • Smart plugs
  • Smart lights

Building automation

DSP power relay building automation
  • Shutters
  • Motors
  • Chrono-thermostats


DSP power relay industry
  • Printers, data recorders
  • PLC applications
  • Measuring equipment