Electromechanical and semiconductor relays

DK series: 10mm low profile 10A relay

A very low profile design measuring just 10mm in height makes the DK relay perfect for use IoT applications; a sealed type device with low coil power.

10mm low profile 10A relay for miniature IoT applications

Relay cards, slim output modules or many kinds of IoT application often require a low component height. The DK series relay, measuring  just 9.7mm in height plus 0.3mm stand-offs, is the perfect solution. Even though the housing is small, strong, silver alloy contacts are capable of switching 10A for 1NO and 8A for 1NO 1NC / 2NO applications. DK relays offer 8mm creepage and clearance between the contact and coil (6.8mm for 2-pole types with 2 coils) to meet various normative requirements. Sockets that enable relays to be quickly changed are available for all types.

Key Features

  • Small housing
  • High sensitivity: 200mW (single side stable or latching type)
  • Sealed construction - RTIII
  • Low height - 10mm
  • UL/CSA, TÜV approved
  • Manual switch type available

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Smart home

DK power relay smart home
  • Smart plugs
  • Smart switches
  • Light-shutter controls

Output relays

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  • PLCs
  • Temperature controllers
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