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Industrial power inductors

A wide range of soft saturation inductors includes low inductance, low D.C. resistance value and high current capability.

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Panasonic's industrial power inductors include high robustness ETQP_M*** series devices and specially designed coils from the ETQP_L*** series which have a unique frame structure, allowing tight DCR tolerance and long lifetime.

  • Unique metal composite core material leads to special benefits: low saturation; low loss at high frequency; stability over temperature
  • Designed for harsh environments and a long life
  • Line-up ranges from 0.15μH to 100μH in case sizes from 5x5mm to 12x12mm
  • Special designs for low inductance, high current and tight DCR tolerances available
  • Recommended for filter and DC/DC applications



  • DC-DC converters
  • Input and output filters
  • Power actuators
  • Battery charging
  • ECU controllers
  • HIM displays

What value does Panasonic bring?

  • Higher power efficiency for battery applications.
  • Miniaturized ECU and power circuitry.
  • Longer working life in harsh environments.
  • Reduced number of designs.

Why Panasonic?

  • Robust design using metal composite core and a monolithic mold structure.
  • Variety of package sizes (5x5mm to 12x12mm)
  • Wide inductance range (0.2µH to 100µH) 
  • High vibration resistance (10G to 50G)
  • Stable temperature characteristics
  • High reliability automotive grades
  • Half the size of ferrite parts

Our top products

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Power choke coils (PCC)

MC series: high-performance for demanding applications

The most advanced products within PCC product family, providing customers the most possible quality, robustness and performance.
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Power choke coils (PCC)

LP series: low profile

LP series devices have a low profile structure which makes them compatible with most common metal-composite designs.

Other available product lines

inductor automotive LE

Power choke coils (PCC)

LE series: performance effective

The newest series in the PCC family, LE series products have an excellent cost-performance ratio and are recommended for 1:1 ferrite replacements.
inductors PCC M1040LL ETQP4LR36AFC

Metal core ETQP_L

Metal core ETQP_L*** series devices suit high performance applications.

Design support for inductors

Simulation data libraries

Equivalent circuit models and S-parameter data can be downloaded for each individual item.

LC simulator

Simulates attenuation requirements when configuring an LC filter using a power inductor and aluminium electrolytic capacitors.

Power inductor loss simulator

This loss simulator for automotive applications enables the simulation of losses and temperature rises due to the current in power inductors.

CAD data

CAD data can be download.

Characteristic viewer

This tool presents various characteristics of a selected part using a graph of the operating frequency, temperature etc.

Inductor guide download

An Introduction to power inductors for automotive applications.