Discontinued connectors / not for new application

Connector type Last time buy
P35S-Series with positioning bosses 09/2016
P35S-Series with pick up cover 09/2016
P4S-Series with positioning bosses 09/2016
P4-Series with positioning bosses 09/2016
A4US-Series 1, 1.5mm and 0.8mm with 8mm pitch embossed packaging 09/2016
CF 09/2015
CS 09/2015
F4 09/2015
P4S (partial discontinued) 09/2015
P5KF (partial discontinued) 03/2013
P4S (partial discontinued) 09/2013
P5KL (partial discontinued) 09/2013
A4F (partial discontinued) 09/2013
A4S (partial discontinued) 09/2013
F4S (partial discontinued) 09/2013
P4 (partial discontinued) 09/2013
P5 08/2012
Y5F 08/2012
Y5S 08/2012
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Adapter for miniSD card  
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IEEE1394 Connectors  
System Connectors (for W-CDMA)  
Ultra-Low Profile System Connectors
for Portable Equipment I/O Connectors (0.5-mm pitch)
Battery Sockets  
DIN Connectors 09/2010
MIL Connectors 09/2010
Low-Profile Headers 09/2010
PCB Type Connectors 09/2010
Wire-Press Sockets 09/2010
Simple Wire-Press Connectors (Compliant with e-CON) 09/2010