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Panasonic provides various capacitor technologies including hybrid, electrolytic, polymer and plastic film.
We constantly develop our product range to contribute to the optimization of your product.


Our top product lines

Conductive Polymer Hybrid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors


Hybrid capacitors

These devices combine the low ESR characteristics of specialty polymer capacitors and the low leakage current of aluminium electrolytic capacitors.
capacitor polymer


Polymer capacitors

Panasonic is a leading manufacturer of specialty polymer aluminum capacitors: SP-Caps; OS-CON; and POS-CAP.
Capacitors film


Film capacitors for a wide variety of applications

Low ESR, high reliability and long life solutions for industrial, automotive, infrastructure and home appliance applications.

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Other available product lines

Aluminium electrolytic capacitors

Panasonic manufactures aluminium electrolytic capacitors in both surface mount and radial lead types.

Electric double layer capacitors (Gold capacitors)

Large capacitance; small size; superior charge and discharge performance.

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