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Film capacitors

Low ESR, high reliability and long life solutions for industrial, automotive, infrastructure and home appliance applications

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Film capacitors optimize your design

Surface mount types offer stable electric characteristic for DC blocking and filtering, audio and back-lighting in the low/mid-range voltage range.

Radial lead types offer low ESR and long life for filtering and smoothing in industrial, automotive and home appliance applications for mid-range/high voltage and high frequency requirements.

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Film capacitors

Automotive, industrial and infrastructure film capacitors

Suitable for xEV smoothing, filter and snubber designs; solar power inverters and more.
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Film capacitors

General purpose film capacitors

Ideal for: DC blocking and filtering; audio circuits and filtering; and smoothing in general applications.
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Film capacitors

AC motor film capacitors

Available as dry/oil-filled versions for low to high voltage ranges; high safety types include a built-in fuse function.

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Panasonic's original in-house patterned metalization process

Our patterned metallization technology achieves a very stable capacitance level over the capacitor’s lifetime and therefore guarantees high reliability in the application.

The patterns serve as a fuse mechanism function that prevents catastrophic, short-circuit failure modes.

Furthermore, a long life time is realized by the use of materials that protects against high temperatures and moisture ingress.